Posted by: lucylastic | October 13, 2008

How to waste time…..

Step 1, spend more time being interrupted than actually working – I had one of the most frustrating days ever on Friday – my boss called me 17 times on the phone – and I am NOT exaggerating.  He had asked me to do something, I said I would do it, then he kept ringing to check if I had done it.  Finally, I had to be quite forceful teralling him that I would do a lot more if I didn’t have to keep stopping and explaining where I had got up to.

Step 2, find colleagues who can read your signals.  I don’t like to be rude, but I nearly stragled my closest (proximity wise) colleague on Friday afternoon.  We are working together on a project and we had lost of deadlines on Friday – we knew what we had to do, it had been agreed.  BUT, he kept checking if what we had agreed was really waht we had agreed – and only then started doing it.  On the upside, he did a lot in one afternnon – think how much more it could have been if it had been better planned.

Step 3, stop interrupting yourself!  The phone rings, (not the boss), an email or 20 comes in.  Someone asks you a question, another colleague wants to chat – you can’t help it – you just have to deal with it….

Step 4 – finally (for today’s rant anyway), the demise of the Admin is a very bad thing.  Is it really the best use of my time to a) walk to IT and request a loan laptop, b) explain that I need it becuase lots of DVD printing needs to be done, c) stand by while the man from IT sets it all up, asking questions all the time, d) loading the copying software onto it e) making 30 copies of a Master DVD, then f) printing pictures onto the faces of said 40 DVDs.  This has taken up 4 hours so far – only about another 2 to go as far as I can judge.  It’s certainly not that I think it’s beneath me to do any of these things, but it’s stopping me from doing some things that no one else can do – surely that’s what they pay me for??????

Enough moaning!  I am very excited as on Wednesday this week we are going to see the wonderful Mr Bill Bailey at The Royal Albert hall – his ‘Guide to the Orchestra’ has received excellent reviews already – and I love his wit and quirky outlook on life – more later in the week…………




  1. With you all the way Lucy particularly on the demise of the admin. Lucky you to see Bill Bailey.

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