Posted by: lucylastic | November 17, 2008

So many things, so little time………..

I had been looking forward to Prince Charles’ 60th Birthday bash – ‘We are very amused’, (Sat ITV, before and after the watershed), but managed to miss most of the second half by faffing around in the kitchen after dinner – and it hasn’t yet appeared on ‘catch-up’ TV on our cable network – there are times when I am sorely tempted by Sky+, but my almost lifelong loathing of Rupert Murdoch precludes me from making the switch. The bits I did see were pretty amusing though, and Robin Williams inspired reference to the ‘end of the reign of error’ has had me chuckling several times since. It’s good to see Americans taking the mickey out of ‘dubya’ as much as we do. And the few cuts to Prince C and the ever grimacing Camilla showed them guffawing loudly, (though I am sure they were identical clips each time) – tell me it wasn’t a trick of editing and that they really did laugh out loud more than once……………..

It’s about time we had a good laugh isn’t it? Not content with the doom and gloom of the ‘credit crunch’, we now are subjected to horrendous stories about ‘Baby P’ and the terrible abuse he suffered. But, yet again, aren’t we missing something here? Straight away, there’s a witch hunt on and ‘someone will have to go’. It seems it doesn’t matter much who, exactly, goes – just as long as someone does – especially as after poor Victoria Klumbies no heads were to be seen rolling around the corridors of power or the meeting rooms of Haringey Council. I don’t know about you, but I am not at all sure I want to see heads roll. I would much prefer to see a well drafted and honest statement by local councils that outlined the steps for taking a child into care and the circumstances where some of these steps could be over-ruled. I have long enjoyed ‘This Week’, where Diane Abbott and Michael Portillo talk over the events of the week with Andrew Neil chairing – it never shies away from the painful truth and tackles topics openly and with an informed point of view. Last Thursday, Diane Abbott asserted that it was all about money – that essentially, the cost of taking a child into care is so high that it really is the last resort action, and that social workers and others in the care profession are encouraged to ‘tick boxes’ and ‘walk away’ instead of choosing this option. For that, if it’s true, heads should roll – how can any child’s life be worth less than the cost of a foster parent and the court costs associated with getting approval for the child’s removal? That’s outrageous.

My Lovely Husband was once a ‘short-term foster parent’ – i.e. someone to whom children were removed in an emergency. I don’t think he ever saw abuse the like of that inflicted on Baby P, but he saw some awful things – but the worst thing he had to deal with? The ‘system’ insisting that all parents from whom a child was removed were entitled to know exactly where the child was taken to. And guess what? Some of the people who don’t mind abusing children, don’t mind abusing adults either – they would turn up on the doorstep, try and take their child back by force, react aggressively if ‘thwarted’, damage property, disturb other children and neighbours, resist arrest, (if a policeman bothered to turn up) and generally give people trying to do their best a very hard time. I think we’ve got it wrong somewhere. If there’s evidence (real evidence) of abuse, then a child should be taken to a safe, anonymous place until things can be investigated and resolved. It’s not difficult is it?

Off my soap-box now……………………………..



  1. Very wise and true Lucy. What bothers me is that the loony leftie councils like Haringey, where it’s all about political correctness gone mad, choose to keep children with families, no matter how dysfunctional they are, as if sending them to a foster home is a failing. Yet people seeking to adopt are subjected to months of interrogation and checks. It’s all upside down.

  2. I think that with many, if a case is as obvious as poor wee baby P was, then common sense prevails.
    Witch hunts don’t sort out the problem accountability for actions does .. it is a very fine line
    well done to your lovely Husband for doing what he did

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