Posted by: lucylastic | November 21, 2008

Strictly? Who cares, get Dirty instead!

I am fed up with the SCD moans and groans, John Sergeant is out, let’s get over it. There are far more interesting dance programmes available on our TV screens – well, there were, anyway. Earlier this week saw the ‘Final’ of Dirty Dancing – the time of your life, (on Living TV). Hosted by ‘model and SCD star’ Kelly Brook,
(it was Liverpudlian Jennifer Ellison last year, who I liked much more), Choreographer Sean Cheeseman and actress in the original movie and choreographer and dancer Miranda Garrison. It’s a simple premise – take 20 young amateur dancers, (10 boys, 10 girls), throw them together in an American holiday resort, (Kellerman – where the original Dirty Dancing movie was filmed) and make them learn and perform dances from the film. The goal – to ‘be’ Johnny and Baby – the prize for the winning couple is a year’s contract at ‘prestigious’ LA dance school, ‘Bloc’, (have to admit, I have never heard of it, but hey-ho, in the dance world, it rocks. Certainly the dancers were very excited about it.
Dirty Dancing does just what it says on the tin – makes 2 people hot under the collar in the name of entertainment! What with romantically set dinners for two, nights separate from the other competitors and the chance to work together again through first stab at the ‘partner pick’, the winners often take their eyes of the dancing prize in order to gaze too much at one another. Romances develop, bitching starts, accidents happen in the challenging choreography of the routines and each week 2 people get sent home. I don’t know why I like it, but I do!!!! I liked Kelly Brook in SCD last year, but in Dirty Dancing she has come across as arrogant, egotistical and fairly clueless about dance techniques. It’s interesting watching the faces of the other judges when she delivers her verdicts – as it’s plainly visible that they often don’t agree with her assessment – but they always seem to make her speak first!!!!

The pics above show the finalists, Vincent & Caoife (at the top) and eventual winners James and Pamela, (at the bottom), plus the judges and some of the other dancers.

There’s a website, (isn’t there always) with lots of details if you’re interested to see what you’ve been missing, (and it’s available on catch-up if you happen to be on Virgin) – check it out at:

Tonight we’re off again to the wonderful Caldesi in Campagna in Bray – I am determined to try some different dishes this time – but I always find it hard to resist their wonderful home-made tortellini stuffed with sea bass and served with sage butter and the lovely carpaccio of beef……………. I will do my best and report back next week.

Have a great weekend.





  1. I saw DD once and I was totally put off by Kelly Brook – at one point she referred to “them two,” which was beyond the pale.

    Enjoy Caldesi you lucky gal!!

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