Posted by: lucylastic | November 28, 2008

Good TV – for a change!!


I’ve been glued to cable channel ‘Alibi’ all week watching a re-run of the gory police drama, Messiah, (starring Ken Stott) – I missed seeing it at all before, and a bit of digging has revealed that it was originally on the BBC between 2001 and 2005 – when I lived out of the country……………the decision to show them as whole stories when they were originally shown over 2 or 3 nights has made this week a bit of a marathon telly watch, as they have started at 9.00pm and not finished until at least 12.30am – almost 1.00am for one of them – but I am finding them very compelling. All the murders featured have a religious theme or angle to them and are great ‘whodunits’, with the killer usually featured pretty much throughout the film, but not apparent until the end. Tonight’s episode features a new police lead in the shape of Marc Warren, (most well know for being the ‘young one’ in Hustle). I have to admit, Warren has never been an actor I have warmed to, so it’ll be interesting to see what he has done with the role. I am a huge Ken Stott fan, and of course, it’s clear now that he gave up the role of Red Metcalfe in Messiah to take over as Rebus for ITV. I was never convinced by John Hannah as Rebus, just too young and ‘nice’, and Rebus needs to be old and mean!!! What a shame Ian Rankin finally retired him – though his books had spanned an amazing 20 years and Rebus was already well past the official police retirement age!!!

Staying with the lovely Ken Stott for a while, I feel sure I have previously mentioned the ‘made for TV’ film ‘Promoted to Glory’, which was shown on ITV at Christmas 2003 – in it Ken plays a drunk who seeks redemption through the Salvation Army. It’s a hugely poignant film, and very much a ‘there but for the Grace of God go I’ type of tale. I wish they would repeat it!!!!

I was feeling very Christmassy last week – very early I know, and it was obviously not destined to last, I don’t feel remotely Christmassy this week – and haven’t even started on the present buying yet. Like many others, we’ll be tightening our belts a bit this year, but I expect we’ll manage a present or two!

Have a good weekend everybody.


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