Posted by: lucylastic | December 4, 2008

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Dream on!!

I got very excited yesterday when a severe weather warning was issued for ‘heavy snowstorms and drifting overnight’ across ‘the whole south of England’.. I have to admit, I’m a complete sucker for snow and have been desperate to see a White Christmas for a number of years – alas, once again the weather reporters were wrong! Apparently, there were a few flakes somewhere ‘oop north’, but an ‘unexpected’ sudden rise in temperatures saw the snow turn to rain before it even hit the ground. Now, i did happen to hear the wind and rain batting down at around 2 O’clock this morning, (nightly need to wee now that I am approaching middle age, very annoying), but a flake of snow was there none. My spirits sank. Living in Munich and Moscow has completely spoiled me for proper snow – it is possible, it does exist, it just never seems to come our way any more. My mother would say I am daft, and a chat with a friend last night revealed a strange parental approach to snow, on announcing that he was ‘going out to drive in the snow’ the last time we were lucky to be visited by the white blanker maker, his mother thew a fit and snatched his car keys. What was she thinking? A gentle slide around a deserted stretch of road in the snow is great fun, and in countries where snow is a regular occurrence, their road vehicles find it no problem to reach speeds well in excess of 70 mph with the right tyres!!!

I picked up a copy of the Irving Berlin scored film White Christmas’ recently and had a great afternoon curled in front of the TV with it, of course, in the film the White Christmas only comes right at the end as well, so it’s a long wait. I know there has been snow in Scotland for a few days now – it’s reported frequently on the travel news – and it’s also been a major contributor to a massive drop in the odds of there being a White Christmas at all. Ladbroke’s has cut the chance of a white Christmas in London to 11/4 from 3/1 following another run of money. The bookmaker was originally offering 7/1 for snow on December 25 in our capital city, but recent weather means they stand to lose ‘millions’ if snow actually does fall – my heart is bleeding for them already. I am sure they’ll make it back from those who took early punts on the Strictly winner, this years contest has all the hallmarks of a fiasco if you ask me, (and if you don’t, it’s your loss)

The latest weather reports are unrepentant, there WILL be up to 8 inches of snow before the weekend – but only north of the Pennines. A spokesman apparently said, ‘Southern England will have quite a lot of rain and will wonder what all the fuss is about!’ Lovely husband and I are off to Huddersfield for the weekend, so we may get lucky and see some of the white stuff. I’ll let you know.

One thing I DO know, in my childhood, all my Christmases were white………………..



  1. I don’t remember any white Christmasses – have we ever had one? (In our lifetime, that is). I quite enjoy the weather we’ve got today – bright and cold – on Christmas Day. Lovely for bracing walks.

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