Posted by: lucylastic | December 12, 2008

Tired, very tired…………….

I am doubly frustrated because the great and the good at WordPress have mucked around with my (previously easy to use) settings and I can’t seem to upload images any more!!!!  I had found some of ‘tired women’ to illustrate my few words today – sorry folks, you’ll have to do without!!!

This will be a short one because I am VERY tired. Maybe it’s because I am well and truly middle aged, (if you don’t believe that, how many 92 year old do you know? Exactly). I don’t seem to have a sliver of the energy I had just a few years ago. The flush of energy and excitement that accompanied my renewed relationship with my Lovely Husband has all but disappeared. (Not that I don’t love him every bit as much as I did then, but I am far too knackered to express it)!!! Where has it all gone? My get up and go really has got up and left all on it’s own and I didn’t notice it going!

The coming weekend is probably one of the busiest of the year – with a collision of events that are unavoidable, but draining. Overnight we have a dear friend, fine – make up bed, (tick); prepare nice dinner, (half a tick, the ingredients are bought, still have to cook it). Price up 6 boxes of goods for Sunday’s Traidcraft stall, (no tick yet, but has to be done tonight because of other coming commitments). Sat am – up at crack of dawn to ready house for hosting LH’s company party. Decorate room, decorate tree, prepare buffet for 36 people. Re-make bed for new guest arriving Sat pm. (No ticks for any of these yet, and worse still, guest is friend of LH’s that I don’t like at all). Host party with a big smile on face. Sunday. Leap out of bed even earlier than on Sat and rush to church hall to set up Traidcraft stall for after the service. Tell old ladies that ‘I’m sorry, we don’t have any mixed fruits as they were all sold out and it’s a bit late for Christmas baking anyway’. Pack up stall and collect LH’s children for the day. Cook dinner for 8. Re-Make bed for 3rd new visitor in 3 days.

Now, I don’t want sympathy, I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, (as if). My point is simply this – not very long ago, I would have considered this a light weekend. Now it seems mountainous. It’s not fair. And all of Strictly is on Sat night because of the Sports Personality awards on Sunday…………bad planning or what?

Have a good one



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