Posted by: lucylastic | December 16, 2008

Not long to go now………….

This may well be the final post I make this year, as time is rushing on by and my calendar is getting progressively more clogged with seasonal events and tasks, (am I the only one who vacuums my ceilings before putting the lights up)?. Last weekend’s company ‘do’ for my Lovely Husband’s firm, (a small garage) was a hit – and the decision to host it at home meant that spend per head was reduced, but we were all still going strong at 3.00am – when normally we’d have been back from the restaurant and well tucked up in bed by 1.00am latest – naturally, a very early start on Sunday that couldn’t be avoided meant that I collapsed in a heap by 9.30pm Sunday evening. I have to say, I took what I think was an easy way out, with lots of lovely Waitrose canapes, (very highly recommended, especially the ‘very drunken angels on horseback’ and the ‘wild mushroom tartlets’) complementing some home roast meats, pickles, fresh breads and a cheese board. Lots of wine, crackers, (also from Waitrose and well worth it for decent gifts), home made mince pies and lovely chocolate eclairs, (doesn’t everyone eat eclairs at Christmas) finished it all off. Also felt very virtuous for clearing up before bed – always appreciated in the morning!!!
Still to come is a get together with friends and ex colleagues from Intel, which I’m really looking forward to. it’s the second year we’re meeting up and if the last one is anything to go by, it should be jolly good fun! We’re off to a lovely pub called the Brewer’s Arms in Wanborough, I was going to put a URL in, but the link seems to be broken.
This week on Chris Evan’s drive time show, they are doing ‘top tips’ for Christmas – here are mine…………..DON’T let the step children get to you, (yeah right).  Sherry is great for boosting the spirit early on and much less likely to have you running to the loo every 5 minutes than a Buck’s Fizz!  Sprouts ALWAYS need at least 2 hours before they are ready, (in case my mother is reading) ;-), Turkey only needs 20 minutes to the pound MAX, always slide herby butter between the skin and the breast to help keep it moist.  Make your own stuffing – it’s really easy, (breadcrumbs, random fresh and dried herbs, lots of butter and a bit of boiling water and sausage meat) and everyone will think you are a domestic Goddess, (or God).  Vodka or Gin and tonic will make it much less obvious how much you are drinking – just keep claiming that ‘I’m only on the tonic dear, till after 6.00pm’ – works a treat with gullible relatives and Lovely Husbands!!!  Play Christmas music very LOUD!  Everybody loves it!!!!!  Make sure lunch clashes with the start of all Disney films and the Queen’s speech.  Refuse to let the TV dominate your day.  Don’t play charades, play Twister instead – see how limber you are after all that water!!  Make time to phone a friend or an elderly relative!!!  Don’t blame me if any of my advice backfires!!! 🙂
All that remains for now is to wish you all a very peaceful, happy and refreshing Christmas – may Santa fill your stockings with everything you’ve asked for and a little bit more besides!!! Lots of love!!!






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