Posted by: lucylastic | January 6, 2009

Back again!!!!!


Dr Who??? Indeed.

Dr Who??? Indeed.

 Happy New Year everybody!!!! it’s been a little while since my last post and it seems the world turns from gloom to gloomier, but it’s not all bad news for 2009. There’s still a great deal to look forward to……………..firstly, a new, incredibly young and quite sweet looking Dr Who? Who? Indeed? But his name is Matt Smith and he’s appeared in 2 ‘made for TV’ films that I really rate, the first was ‘Ruby in the Smoke’ and the second, ‘the Shadow in the North’, both by Philip Pullman and both also starring Billie Piper, who was also in Dr Who. (May still be for all I know, don’t really watch it, just like to keep abreast of things). Secondly, there’s a whole web site out there written by optimists for optimists – I think this deserves a wider audience, as there are far too many nay-sayers in my view. Check out for your own dose of optimism, or at least something to make you smile!

Directly from the optimistic web site is the news that there is a boom in the number of pregnant seahorses in Dorset – I always thought seahorses were from warmer climes, but it says so, so it must be true!!! Also, a photo that has all the hallmarks of a ‘Photoshop’ project, but made me smile anyway – see above!!!!

So back to the real world – what is there to look forward to in the grim and blizzardy January? Well, lucky me will be going on a cookery school reunion dinner this coming Sunday, in the company of Lovely Husband and hopefully a large number of our fellow course-go-ers from last October in Tuscany. This time, the cooking is all courtesy of Katie & Giancarlo Caldesi and their team of excellent chefs – all we do is sit back, sip Prosecco and think of warm Italian days – I think I’ll be able to manage that – and as an extra special treat, LH and I have decided to take Monday off to ‘recover’ and enjoy the wonderfully indescribable feeling that comes with knowing that most other people are at work and you are not!!!

Talking of work, being in the Railway industry is more good news right now. Trains are good, (no complaints please, I’m in Marketing) – good for the environment, good for fuel economy, good for moving large numbers of people from A to B, (in theory at least). I concede they cost quite a lot, especially if you have to go from Swindon to Hornsey in North London as I did just before Christmas – £103!!!!!! I could have driven there and back 3 times at least for that price, and taken passengers, but that’s another story!!! The train did indeed take the strain, and allowed me a little celebratory tipple on the way home too – which I couldn’t have enjoyed when typing.

I received a great selection of books for Christmas, haven’t even started most of them yet, but AM enjoying ‘All Balls and Glitter – My Life by Craig Revel Horwood’, erstwhile SCD judge and actually, comes across as a very nick bloke – with a hell of an upbringing – I shan’t reveal any of the stories in case you’re reading it (or are about to) too, but he’s worked damned hard to get where he is and I don’t begrudge him an inch of it!!! I also read a book called ‘Wrong Rooms’ by Mark Sanderson. A true story, it’s all about a homosexual relationship and a very untimely tragedy – it’s grim and brought me to tears in places, but I’m glad I read it and it’s given me some food for thought too! It’s a few years old (2004) but however much we think attitudes are changing, it reveals a great deal about prejudice and culture in different countries.

Hands up if you’ve heard of a ‘Yotel’? I hadn’t, but I love the concept – now open at Heathrow, Gatwick and Amsterdam, these modern, capsule room based hotels are available for booking from a few hours upwards – as someone who has occasionally had to hang around airports for a very long time, the idea of a private room, room service and somewhere to chill out is very appealing – see for yourself at

Well, more than enough for one day I think!!! Toodlepip.


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