Posted by: lucylastic | January 23, 2009

Dull, Dull, Dull!!!!


To quote my favourite SCD judge, the wonderful Mr Craig Revel-Horwood, life just lately has been DULL, DULL, DULL!!  I don’t know if it’s just the seemingly never-ending grey weather – though as I type the sky has actually broken out in a fit of blue – which I am glad for, as my youngest son is having motorbike lessons and I dropped him off at a very dark, satanic mills type of training place in North Swindon this morning.  Riding a motorbike in the rain is not a pleasant experience, but the wind in the helmet, freedom of the roads feeling that comes on a sunny day is an experience I highly recommend.

To combat some of the dullness, I am going to have a curry night on Sat with a couple of friends – ingredients have been purchased and I am all set to make my own take on a creamy, buttery, (I have discovered real Ghee – what a difference) Chicken Korma, a Prawn Balti and a Vegetable curry with bananas – delicious!!!  I will be making my own curry paste from scratch this evening – to let it mature for 24 hours –  and I will be whizzing up some tingly, zingy cucumber raita and tomato chutney as well.  The only thing I am cheating on is the bread – I have tried a number of times to recreate Naan, (Peshwari with fruits and coconut is my favourite) and Pitta style breads with not much success, so I have decided the trick is buy the ones that look most rustic and pass them off as my own, (oops, don’t tell anyone).  As my ‘Jam Tarts’ group, (ladies who dinner, as opposed to ladies who lunch) are already decided on curry for our next meeting, I am looking on this as something of a dry run.

I am getting truly fed up of reality TV in all it’s guises – the Masterchef quater finalists last night were ‘all so inventive, anyone of them could be in the final’ according to Greg Wallace, but they picked the ’emotional man’ , (“you can see how much he wants it, his family are behind him”), with a dodgy dessert over science teacher lady who seemed not to put a foot wrong and whose every dish looked like it could have been served in a Michelin starred restaurant; Aussie girl banker with a penchant for mixing desserts and main courses on the same plate, but who made a lovely cake with lavender and chocolate in the final.  I was sad to see ‘mad hatter’ lady go, as her cooking looked truly scrumptious and she seemed to have bought a live lobster – but got no chance to cook it as she was eliminated after the ingredients test – though anyone who can’t tell the difference between a snail and a whelk probably deserves to leave!  I, of course, identified every ingredient correctly and can cook better than all of them so far!  Bah humbug!

A quick word about Heston’s transformation of Little Chef – I hope stupid CEO Ian whatsisname gives him a) the credit and b) the opportunity to really make it work.  I also hope Ian’s bosses will withold his bonus for being such a pompous ass, if nothing else!  I thought Heston’s dishes all sounded delicious, (well, not the chilli, but never mind) and not a bit of dry ice to be seen.  I particularly liked the ‘smell of chippy’ in an atomiser, served with the fish and chips.  It has even inspired me to make home-made fish and chips tonight – I am off with my rod at lunch time to catch some cod and am sure that the atomiser won’t be necessary once I have got my kitchen full up with deep fat fryer smoke and the whiff of mushy peas!

Have a good one, one and all!!!



  1. I must confess I gave Masterchef a miss this time. Too many extension programmes have ruined its appeal. I’ve got Heston to watch. The curry sounds delish!

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