Posted by: lucylastic | February 5, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!


When did we all become such wusses? I LOVE snow and would happily be out frolicking and sledging in it, if I didn’t have a job of work to do. But it seems I’m in the minority. Snow conditions clearly vary considerably across short distances, with some people with ‘very steep drives’ within a mile of the office unable to make it in to work!! Steep drive? Get your boots on and walk! Scared of crashing your car – use public transport. Live down the bottom of a long lane and no snow plough or gritter in sight? Serves you right! I am not impressed. And why are the schools shut? Wet, slippery floors a hazard, no teachers because they are mostly stuck at the bottom of their steep drives? Who knows. I over-heard a radio interview with an indignant head teacher yesterday – saying that he’d been in at 5.00am to open up and make the school ready – but he remained alone for most of the day. Get a grip people. It’s just a bit of snow…………

On a completely different note, I’ve never had much time for Jade Goody – but she seems to be going through hell on earth at the moment. With a failed round of chemo and her cancer spreading into bowels, liver and stomach, the outlook is indeed grim. I realise that there are many other women out there suffering from the same thing and they don’t make the headlines, but my heart goes out to her and to her children, she must be feeling very down indeed.

Lent is approaching, (Ash Wednesday is on Feb 25th) and the subject of ‘what are you giving up for Lent has reared its ugly head already. I could really do with cutting down on the consumption of sparkly, but I keep myself convinced it’s my only vice, (I know, I know). Perhaps this will be the year I say ‘sayonara’ to the booze for 40 days – I should be squeaky clean inside and out by the end of it!




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