Posted by: lucylastic | February 18, 2009

(S)he’s not there……..a Gig

Dragged kicking and screaming to see ancient rocker Colin Blunstone, (who he?), we actually ended up having quite a pleasant experience!!! Maybe it was the best part of a bottle of Cava, plus the cider and the (unheard of) 2 intervals at the ‘gig’ that helped my mood, but by the end of it, I was jigging my left foot quite energetically. First up, the lugubrious Matthew K (can’t remember any more of his surname, sorry) who played a short, but very sweet and poignant 30 minute set to get us warmed up – seriously dulcet (my on-line dictionary defines this as sweet, melodic, harmonic, honeyed, soothing, pleasant – all of which apply in spades) tones accompanied only by acoustic guitar and a ‘little boy lost’ look that seemed a hit with the more mature women in the audience. Someone even said, ‘ah bless’ out loud at one point!!! If I have any criticism of Matthew, it is a sartorial one – wearing a crumpled, slightly tight, grey suit, white shirt and tie and a wooly hat, he created the distinct impression that he had rolled out of an IT office somewhere, straight into the theatre, (Arts Centre, Swindon –

Onto the main man, my friend Gail is a big fan apparently, I have to admit, that although I have heard of the Zombies, I couldn’t tell you any of the line-up!!! But, Mr Colin Blunstone is THE main man – a great voice, a limited range of movement that reveals every one of his 63 years on the planet and a too high degree of tolerance for the irritating antics of former Zombie band mate now masquerading as lead guitarist! I don’t even want to remember this man’s name, so annoying was he – hogging Colin’s limelight, (literally) and gesturing frantically to the sound man at the back of the auditorium to big his part up. My traitorous (but still lovely) husband stood up and applauded at the end of his tedious ‘riff’, (down with the kids, moi? I should coco)! along with the majority of the audience – who seemed not to notice his egotistical ways.

Gail and I remained resolutely seated, saving our upright applause for the Zombie himself – who was a worthy recipient in my view. A couple of ‘Bad things’ – it is just plain WRONG to sit down at a concert – but without any encouragement forthcoming from the band, we all remained in our seats throughout. And they don’t serve coffee at the bar any more. Best song of the night for me was ‘What becomes of the broken hearted?’, very well known of course, and written by Mr B himself apparently. The other members of the band seemed to share my dislike of lead guitar-man – there was an Elvis Costello look-alike playing not one, not two, but three keyboards plied on top of one another, (health and safety anyone)? The keyboards were a Casio, a Hammond and a Korg – I challenged myself to remember – because I was puzzling over why you would have 3 completely different machines – not being a musician, no answer to this question has revealed itself to me!!! The bass guitar player was an Alan Davies look-alike, slightly curlier hair, but could have been mistaken in the dark and finally the drummer, (Yamaha drums) who bore a passing resemblance to Matt Lucas as ‘George doors’ insofar as he was bald!!! he was not overweight or wearing a pink babygrow, but you can’t have everything.

So, it’s a ‘thank you and thumbs up’ to Gail for suggesting it and a recommendation to the rest of you to try and catch him if you can – it really was a most enjoyable night. And to quote my LH, ‘thanks for taking me, I didn’t want to go, but it was brilliant’. I love a convert. Check out Colin on his ‘personal’ web site



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