Posted by: lucylastic | February 27, 2009

It’s Friday again!

I can’t believe it’s Friday again! And it’s March on Sunday. 3 days into Lent and I am thinking that giving up alcohol would have been a good idea – I overdid it somewhat yesterday and am paying the price today – hey ho. There’s still time to give up I suppose. One of the concepts that our church likes to put forward at Lent is to try and do something extra, rather than just giving something up. Great in principle, but I am not sure when I would do it – whatever ‘it’ would be. I am pushed enough for time as it is! I suppose that’s all part of the Lenten sacrifice. Have you been watching the Channel 4 documentary series on Sunday evenings, entitled ‘Christianity – A History’? Even if you’re not what might be referred to as a ‘religious person’, it’s fascinating. It’s a very personal look at Christianity, (and other religions) from a variety of people – from Michael Portillo to Anne Widdicombe, Professor Colin Blakemore, Professor of Neuroscience at Oxford to Kwame Kwei Armah – (familiar to me from ‘Casualty’). The final episode is this coming Sunday and features ‘committed Catholic’, (Channel 4’s description) Cherie Blair – I have to admit, she’s not one of my favourite people, but I shall at least tune in and see what she has to say.

Was anyone else thoroughly fed up with how they managed to string Masterchef out? It felt like it had been going for years…………I think the half hour format has sacrificed a lot of real cooking in favour of navel-gazing about ‘the journey’ and sound bites about the participant’s aspirations. In previous years, I have replicated recipes which caught my fancy for the delectation of my friends and family – this year, it was virtually impossible to see how anything was actually prepared! There was a discussion about ‘what are you cooking?’ that seemed to be filmed virtually at the end of the dish and then the tasting by John & Greg. I am disappointed and even worse, disenchanted with it. I may not bother again, (then again, it depends who the celebrities are – because it’ll be the celebrity version before we know it)! In the end, I thought Mat, (why only one ‘t’) was the best of the 3 remaining cooks, (and can’t now look at him without a smirk after he was nicknamed ‘Ming the Merciless’ by Terry Wogan’s breakfast show). Lovely Christopher was my favourite, but he fell apart a bit this week. Shame.

It’s my mother-in-law’s 97th birthday this weekend, so a party beckons and the house will be packed to the gills – I have decided that curry is the solution – certainly preferable to curling sandwiches and dried out sausage rolls in my opinion – it’s not my favourite, but everyone else seems to like it!! Have a good weekend everyone!!!



  1. Have a great celebration Lucy – wonder if your Lenten resolve will hold firm!

    I didn’t watch Masterchef at all this time, and I used to love it. Too many brand extensions I’m afraid – Celebrity Masterchef, Professional Cook Masterchef, zzz…..

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