Posted by: lucylastic | March 26, 2009

It never rains, but it pours

Well, finally a few minutes to breathe for the first time in what seems ages. It’s been a bit of a mad rush lately, and no signs of it stopping either!!!! I have recently come back from Railtex – the largest UK exhibition of ‘things Rail’ and THE place to be seen when one is a serious railway industry player. The challenging part of a role like mine is that I am a real ‘Jack (or Jill) of all trades’, I was responsible for the stand concept and design, managing the delivery, agreeing how and what we would display, who should say what on the various days, meeting the press and letting them know what our plans were as a company. I was also responsible for making tea and coffee at times, cleaning up and washing the dirty mugs to boot!! Mucking in at a very fundamental level. One of my criticisms of the Rail industry generally is that it is very chauvinistic, if you’re a woman, then you are probably a secretary or a cleaner, seems to be the way of thinking. It a very male dominated industry – with a higher than average share of ‘anoraks’ who can reminisce about the days of steam until you are ready to chew an arm off with tedium. But I like it!!! There is some glamour too – there’s a conference in Malaga next week – one of my favourite Spanish cities – sadly, I’ll be in London keeping our end up at MetroRail – the world’s largest, (they’re all large) conference for the mass transit industry, while some of my other colleagues get to swan around in the Spanish sunshine between ‘networking sessions’. I have always admired the Spanish tendency to relax at every opportunity – with siestas and late dinners part of the way at life – the drinks reception on the first night in Malaga doesn’t even start till 9.30pm!!! I like that style.

On a totally different matter, what is it with men and illness? I would have thought there had been enough high-profile men who paid the ultimate price for ignoring symptoms for too long, (John Diamond springs to mind, plus the newsreader whose name I can’t recall, but first had a leg amputated and then died). My Lovely Husband has been ill on and off for ages – and I mean ‘ages’, probably at least 3 years – but he constantly brushes it off as ‘just a bit of lurgy’. After passing out at work on Tuesday he has finally had a couple of days off, but still won’t take on board that a variety of symptoms that have persisted over the last 3 years are anything to worry about – any ideas on how I can make him see the seriousness of it all? Worst of all, he was cross when he found out that I ‘knew’ because one of his staff called me – he had expressly told them not to, because he ‘didn’t want to bother me at work’. Nightmare!!!



  1. I can see now what you meant by “busy at work” !

    Tough one re Lovely Husband – why are men so stubborn?

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