Posted by: lucylastic | April 9, 2009

Doctor, doctor, why am I always ill?

How is everyone? Are you well? Feeling fit? Ready to take on the world over Easter? I wish I was!!! I am now on what must be the 9th or 10th ‘cold’ I have had this year. Many of my colleagues, including a particularly persistent French Business Development Director are insisting that I don’t have a cold, I have an allergy. Tosh! I know a cold when I have one………. achey muscles, stuffed head, tension headaches, massive sneezes, sore throat, wheezy chest and a nose that would win the 100m with the amount of running it’s been doing!! And what pray am I meant to be allergic to? Pollen. Don’t be daft. Surely after the coldest winter on record and combined with the fact that the blossom has only just begun to sprout, pollen is an unlikely candidate? And these colds have been going since January, on and off, (but mostly on). Traditional remedies have failed miserably. The ‘Max Strength Cold & Flu remedy with decongestant’ doesn’t event touch the sides. But finally, a light at the end of the tunnel……….or maybe it’s the oncoming train, who knows? Chinese medicine. I have absolutely no knowledge of what goes into ancient Chinese remedies, but I know a woman who does. My colleague, who spent the first 20 odd years of her life in China, swears by it and she finally took pity on me. First of all, a hot, herbal drink – no idea what it’s called, it’s all in Chinese, but it stinks the office out and smells of camphor and mothballs. It works though. I took one yesterday and another one today and my chest feels much easier, the wheeze has definitely lessened. In addition, the oil to rub on my pressure points seems to be helping as well. I may get some funny looks as I shove it up my nose, (very important pressure point halfway up the nose apparently, only accessible from the inside – now, lest you think someone is pulling my leg, I have the diagram in front of me – it’s there alright), but it seems to be working. My headache has lessened for the first time in 3 days and I can breathe more easily. I’ll be taking it on TV soon at this rate! I was somewhat sceptical to start with, but it’s having more of an impact than the usual tablets I rely on, so I won’t knock it. Interestingly, another colleague tells me that it’s common for ex smokers to suffer like this – but this isn’t the first time I have given up smoking, and I don’t remember one cold after another before.

I am looking forward to a lovely, peaceful Easter. We’ve got a family get together on Monday Chez Little Brother, who is soon off ‘oop north’ to start a new Army job, I’ll miss him – it’s been good knowing he was only half an hour down the road, even if I didn’t see him very often – no doubt it’ll be less once lovely Liverpool has him in its grip. Happy Easter one and all. And in the words of the fabulous George Handel’s Messiah, ‘I know that my redeemer liveth’.




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