Posted by: lucylastic | April 17, 2009

On the scarey scarecrow trail………..

Almost 2 weeks ago I took part in a scarecrow trail – I have noticed these becoming more popular in Wiltshire in the last few years – there was one in Wanborough last summer and this one is in the picturesque village of Lacock, host of many a film set over the years for its twee backgrounds and picture postcard cottages, mills, stream flowing through and so on, (recently seen as Cranford on Sunday evenings). Before attacking the trail though, lunch was on the cards – a traditional Sunday roast at the Red Lion – me and friend M went for lamb; lovely husband went for beef and friend V opted for pate and home-made chutneys – it was busy in the pub and we did have a bit of a wait, but the food was pretty good – plentiful, hot, well cooked but not outstanding – and reasonably priced too. A nice bottle of red helped it all go down and we decided on desserts as well – a platter of cheese to share was more than enough for two, (though it did take a bit of wangling to get some extra crackers, otherwise home-made cheesecake was very tasty and a Yorkshire parkin was gooey and custardy in just the right proportions………

So, a slow stroll around the village spotting the village school’s eclectic collection of ‘pop star’ scarcrows was just the ticket. It was a warm and sunny afternoon, the place was teeming and all the hostelries, tea rooms and ice cream establishments were busy. At £2 for a trail sheet it wasn’t prohibitve and as all funds go to the local school, it gave a warm glow of satisfaction too! The scarecrows covered musical genres as far back as the 50’s and included some that were bang up to date. We are still unsure if we correctly identified them all – results are not announced until the end of April, (the trail closes this Sunday, so still time to fit it in, weather permitting). We settled on Gary Numan for one of them, but are still not convinced – especially having seen a picture of the man himself! The trail itself is now in its 6th year and last year raised over £10K and bought a new ICT suite, plus other equipment for the small school. A very English sort of outing which delighted German friend V – I feel sure there will be a scarecrow train in a small village outside Munich sometime soon!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.



  1. Gary Numan, there’s a toughie….it may have been Rick Astley? I think Mr Bolton has Sore Misgivings.

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