Posted by: lucylastic | April 22, 2009

Woe is me, or why things could be better………


I am off to Spain for a few days of R&R and just hope that I am not afflicted with my usual ‘holiday malaise’. It’s that sudden illness that takes a grip when your brain finally realises it’s got a few days off and doesn’t have to show up at work at 8.30am the next day – it has various forms – a cold often, (though I have one of those already that seems to have been a permanent fixture for the last few months); a tummy bug is another good one as is a desire to do nothing other than sleep.  The pics above are of good times and I have included them for no other reason than to cheer myself up!!!

I have just re-read that last bit and realised that I sound like a right grumpy old woman!!! Things have been somewhat rocky of late, with some domestic problems culminating in a break-in earlier this week and the theft of our relatively new TV. The (very young indeed) policeman informed us that ‘there are quite a few of these in Old Town lately’, which didn’t really make me feel any better. Especially as he went on to tell us that they usually change hands for no more than £50 in certain parts of town. I’ve got a £50 excess on my insurance policy – perhaps I should just go and hang out in a few dodgy pubs and see if I can buy it back!! It’s all the mess too, the shed was broken into, (though don’t know why, there is a pile of bricks right by the front gate left over from building works that would have been ideal for putting through a window), but instead they used an axe and smashed one of our original Victorian sash windows with that. So, that’s a new window frame, new glass obviously, a re-painting job that needs to be done, but most of all a feeling of vulnerability and insecurity that is very uncomfortable indeed. Lovely husband has changed the locks and added new ones, to which the best I can come up with is put these words into the right order……….door, stable, horse, bolted, close. No amount of locks are going to stop someone determined to enter – AND the house was occupied at the time – even scarier – though not uncommon – my brother was burgled a while ago whilst sleeping in the next room. He was unluckier, as the thieves not only made off with quite a lot of his goods, they used his car to cart them away in!!!!

So, it’s Mrs Glum this week. I shall make a determined effort to be cheerier upon my return!!! Hasta luego.



  1. It could be worse…you could be Welsh!

  2. So sorry to hear this Lucy… I had no idea.
    Big hugs,
    Anne Marie

  3. Hi Lucy – things can only get better by the sounds of it. Cheer up – you will feel differently in another week or so. Meet for drinks sometime? Love the name by the way. Simon (A).

  4. Sorry to hear about the break-in Lucy, and how awful it happened when you were in.

    Let’s go out for a scoff soon….or another trip to the arts centre!

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