Posted by: lucylastic | May 6, 2009

Hooray. hooray for a happy holiday!!!

Regular reader, (thanks G)!! will be pleased to hear that I feel I am almost back to my usual form after my recent holidays………………..the rest has done me good and spending time with my Lovely Husband is never a hardship. I shall spare you the intimate details, but the opportunity of a few lie-ins is very rare in a household where he works 6 days a week and we are usually ‘up handy’ for Church on a Sunday. I have written before about living in Spain – which I did from March 2002 to January 2005 – and I have to say, it’s a place that I don’t miss much when I am not there, but every time I return, I realise what I am missing……….if that makes sense? Stepping off the plane at Alicante airport just a hop, skip and a jump from a very wind-buffeted Bristol I instantly recalled why I loved Spanish spring so much – a warm wind, that unmistakable smell of ozone mixed with aviation fuel and airport staff who looked tanned, relaxed and were smiling. there wasn’t a lot of that on the ground at Bristol I can tell you.

And the food – if you can find a restaurant that doesn’t drown everything in about 3 inches of olive oil you’re usually onto a winner, the fresh fish and prawns are always fabulous and I like ‘merluza’ much more than I like hake – what a great name for a fish. The beaches are variable, but in the Costa Blance they are generally CLEAN – swept everyday, (even in the winter), dog-free and sandy, shelving into a usually calm Med. An old-fashioned promenade in the late afternoon at Guadamar Del Segura is charming and peppered with greetings to little old ladies clad in black, old men playing boules and teenagers trying to get away from their parents for a little while. And a glass of chilled local Rose wine accompanied by some Queso Manchego or a bowl of bread and olives is just divine. I can’t wait for the time when I can return to living in Southern Europe again…………….

Of course, it’s not all milk and honey in the land of the Moors, prices are going up, many Brits are giving up the ghost and returning ‘home’, disillusioned that they can’t find work in a land where they don’t speak the language and frustrated by the bureaucracy of getting things done; consequently, many houses lie empty and the holiday ‘rental’ market is saturated to extremes – if you are thinking of going to Spain and self-catering this year, you’ll pick up a bargain I’ll be bound – and if you don’t mind doing at least some cooking or barbecuing, then fresh food prices are still much cheaper than they are at home. A week of sun, sea, sand and Sangria could be just the ticket!!! Hasta Luego.



  1. Sounds fabulous! We are also off to Viva Espagna in June.

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