Posted by: lucylastic | May 15, 2009

Video never did kill the Radio Star!

I suppose it’s the time of year for green shoots, blossom and flowers – but my head hasn’t caught up with the speed that the year is going at yet! In my mind, it’s only just past Christmas and still winter! We’re off on our summer holiday in just three weeks time – a week visiting family in Poland – I hope I feel a bit more seasonal by then!

It’s Eurovision time again – I have never been a big fan, but I have to admit, (shock horror) that I find the prospect of Graham Norton much more appealing than Terry Wogan – am I the only one who doesn’t find Terry nearly as amusing as he used to be? And certainly much more egotistical. I am a Radio 2 listener more often than not and have enjoyed two weeks of Johnny Walker while the Togmeister himself has been away on holiday, Johnny is much wittier, nicer to the others on the show and comes across as an all-round nice bloke. I have often pondered why it is that Radio 2’s ‘substitute’ presenters like Jo Brand, Mark Lamar, Liza Tarbuck, Martin Freeman and Melanie Sykes are much more entertaining than the ‘regulars’ they cover for. And don’t get me started on the subject of Sarah Kennedy. The heart of the matter is that there isn’t another radio station with a better offering, I don’t like local radio and particularly dislike the cheesy local advertising and features on the size of this year’s pumpkins at the Coombe Bassett summer fete. Lest you think I criticise Radio 2 too roundly, I still LOVE Steve Wright and his guests, I ADORE ‘Ask Elvis’, which has remained one of the funniest sections on radio for years, I think Aled Jones does an excellent job of ‘Good Morning Sunday’ and Michael Bolton is a great presenter and interviewer – who’d have thought it? The craziest lady on radio anywhere has to be Elaine Paige – but she’s a hoot and listening to her on a Sunday afternoon is one of my guilty, (shouldn’t I be mowing the lawn or something) pleasures. The great Paul O’Grady has finally been given his own show too – about time – he’s always been quick witted and sarcastic, but he does it so well on a Sunday evening. Radio 2 is absolutely the best Sunday lunch preparation background a girl could wish for.

It’s also the Moonwalk this weekend and my beautiful sister, Clare is walking the Marathon 26.2 miles with her best friend Fiona – (spot Clare as the ‘odd one out’ in the line-up of Radio Stars above – sorry Clare – I can’t find a way to get the pics in the order I want them – OR to add captions)!!  Both their husbands have signed up as marshals for the event, so I am sure they’ll have a good night – they are hoping to complete the distance within 6 hours…………………if you feel like sponsoring them, you can at Apparently, it’s T-shirts OFF this year – not sure who decided that, but it seems to have caught the public imagination, (I wonder why)!! Good luck Clare!!!!





  1. Paul O’Grady’s show is fantastic. I make a particular effort now to listen. I agree with you on Terry Wogan – I actually switch the radio off now when he comes on, and I preferred Johnny Walker. I thought Liza Tarbuck was great recently standing in for Sarah Kennedy. And I love Chris Evans’ show…Fox the Fox and so on.

    Good luck to Clare! I hope she’s been hardening her feet with surgical spirit (a weird thing we used to do at school).

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