Posted by: lucylastic | May 26, 2009

Only one more left to go……..

Bank Holiday that is………….roll on August!!!

Did you have a good Bank Holiday weekend? Surprisingly, the weather was pretty good for once- and depending where in the country you live, it was possible to avoid the rain altogether – not this morning though. Waking up to a grey, rain splattered day is always depressing, especially when you have to heave your body out of bed and go to work!

I have managed to avoid all manner of reality ‘entertainment’ shows, and the description of one of the acts from ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ of a man doing bizarre things with power tools had my stomach churning just hearing about it. I know we all say things were better ‘in the past’, but thinking back to a line-up of ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ and ‘Blind Date’, I’m not so sure. I was quite taken with Merlin on a Saturday tea-time over the winter, but it did have an air of predictability after just 2 weeks. I still don’t think there’s enough good quality comedy on mainstream, main time TV. The absolutely dire re-make of Reggie Perrin is just not funny, (Though we have friends who LOVE it). What a waste of the talented Fay Ripley and ubiquitous Martin Clunes.

Lowlight of my weekend was a 50th Birthday party at Usk Conservative Club – a friend of the Lovely Husband was celebrating his becoming a ‘grown-up’ and having never met him or his friends and family before I was a bit of a loss. Now, I’m not normally shy or retiring, but being in a group of people who all knew my husband when he was married to somebody else is a bit intimidating, even for me. Plus, the photo spread of ‘all their yesteryear’s’ included several pictures on which the ex was prominently featured. Now I know that that was then and this is now, but my green-eyed monster finds it hard to keep silent at such times. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one in this situation, I managed to find K, who, although she has now been with her partner for 15 years, was not one of the original crowd from the 1980’s, she too wasn’t in the photos, but the ex was. I was tempted to get to work with a pen-knife, but realised that might have been considered petty………….Still, I almost embarrassed myself by getting up to do ‘the Cha-Cha slide’, a dance I perfected whilst living in Spain, (don’t ask me why) but managed to hold back, to the immense relief of LH if the look on his face was anything to go by. All good parties need a buffet – and this one was no exception – I’m not sure if the food was deliberately chosen to represent the height of 1980’s chic, but it reminded me of the food they always used to serve at the works Christmas party. Still, no one else seemed to mind and the table contents were decimated within a short space of time!!!



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