Posted by: lucylastic | June 4, 2009

The pinch has arrived……..

I hate not having enough money – the credit crunch is biting and our lifestyle is still in catch-up mode. Those who know me may not have noticed much evidence of frugality in the household, and I readily admit that doing without my beloved glass of sparkly would be a step too far. But I am now reduced to ‘value’ buying in certain categories. Why this new emphasis on home economics? Because I am taking some wise advice to heart and considering, fully, every single time I am about to spend money whether it is APPROPRIATE. I heard a snatch of an interview a few weeks ago on Radio 4 with he of the Dragon’s Den, Mr Duncan Bannatyne – I have always been attracted to men like Duncan and his Scottish burr only helps – but he made so much sense in the few minutes of interview I heard that he has already changed my life! His point was simple – don’t think about BOGOF’s, 2 for 1’s, limited offers or anything else – just ask yourself – ‘given my financial situation, is this purchase appropriate’? The second bit of the advice was to apply it to everything from beans to Manolo Blahniks. So far, I have ‘saved’, (well, at least ‘not spent’) by not buying: 2 bedside tables that would be nice to have, but aren’t absolutely APPROPRIATE, £80; not buying some walking shoes that are just like the 3 other pairs of walking shoes that I already own – £70; and various smaller savings made by not buying premium brand baked beans, noodles, biscuits and so on. I HATE putting the gaily cheap and cheerful packaging on the conveyor belt – it just screams ‘I’m a cheapskate’ as far as I am concerned, but I defy anyone to tell the difference between a ‘value’ Rich Tea biscuit and a McVities one!!

However, I did find it entirely appropriate to book a long weekend in Italy – with the express intention of scouting out some possible cookery school locations – more of that in July after the visit………..

Tatty Bye!!!



  1. Agree that the long weekend in Italy is entirely appropriate….particularly as you’ve done such a good job by cutting out inappropriate bedside cabinets, shoes etc.

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