Posted by: lucylastic | June 22, 2009

Head in the sand time………

Very quick, just to let you know I am still (barely) alive. It’s been difficult lately, very difficult in fact. Top 3 things contributing to my difficulties – No 1 child who is most definitely having a crisis – enough said for now. No 2 child who doesn’t see the need to have a crisis about anything himself, but believe me, now that Banksy has gone mainstream, (with a very twee exhibition at the Bristol City Museum) and colleges only want you if you have 27 A* at A Level and been a successful member of every youth movement from the Boy Scouts to the local AmDram, with a foray into right wing, (or left wing, if you really insist) politics en route. Give it up, get a job. McDonalds are reportedly receiving over a thousand graduate applications a week!!!! And that’s just for the ‘do you want fries with that’ department. Thing number 3 is myself – bad decisions, bad management and bad at dealing with stuff. My favourite position is ‘head in sand’, a Pilates and Yoga combination that stretches lots of muscles but changes nothing.

Back soon I hope


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