Posted by: lucylastic | June 30, 2009

Round up……..

I can’t bear to add to all the Michael Jackson claptrap, so I shan’t, but I DO have to say how amazing it is for the sick jokes and comments to start circulating by text and email, literally within minutes of the news breaking.  Who creates these things?  Some are very funny, (if decidedly NON PC), some are groan making and some are just downright stupid – but I’ve never met anyone who has started one – only someone who has received one!  So what else is new?

I’ve been ‘Fast Track Leadershipped’ recently – a subdued, (by American company standards) event held within the confines of the National Motorcycle Museum – I quite like motorbikes – but there are so many of them there that one starts to zone out after the first 2 halls, (or maybe the first two rows).  I have to confess that I quite like these events – lots of plain speaking by the Exec Team, (we’re all doomed unless you work harder, longer, more efficiently – but let’s not forget to celebrate how great we have been); a chance to network with like-minded colleagues, (meet in bar and drink lots); a chance for a frank exchange of views, (loud mouth Lucy strikes again) and that joy of all joys, an after-dinner, motivational speaker.  In the shape of none other than Frank Dick OBE.  Who he?  Indeed.  Frank’s website describes him as an ‘Extraordinary speaker with the power to inspire and motivate audiences, Frank Dick‘s presentations are highly amusing and anecdotal. He is the former British Athletics Federation Director of Coaching. Currently, Frank is the President of the European Athletics Coaches  Association, and Chairman of the International Association of Athletics Federations Academy.  I can only say that ‘it depends’.  It depends on whether sport floats your boat, it depends on whether you like being part of a team or are more of an individual contributor and mostly, it depends on whether you are desperate to go to the loo, with no way out of the room, other than past the speaker and therefore cross your legs and count every second.  He spoke for 2760 seconds – that may not sound like a lot, but believe me, it is.  Reader, I managed to wait, but I was so boggle-eyed with concentration on my dilemma and the need to improve my pelvic floor INSTANTLY that many of Mr Dick’s motivational, amusing and anecdotal words were lost on me.  If forced, I could tell you that sometimes we need to sacrifice ourselves for the good of many, (wasn’t that Jesus) and sometimes, we just can’t be any better and learn to live with it.  I am sure there was more to it than that, but it went over my head.  At some dull point, I intend to read the copy of Frank’s book, ‘Winning’ that we were all given as a souvenir, in the faint hope that it contains some tips on how to improve my lottery chances.

Changing the subject completely, we are off to Italia at the weekend – it’s my birthday and I deserve a treat.  Lovely husband has already told me that he’s ‘bought me a couple of things’ – this after a prompt from me that I didn’t want anything more than the trip itself……………so I am getting excited already.  Knowing him, it’s either a metric spanner set or a new car wash kit.  Love him.



  1. Have a fabulous weekend Lucy!
    Did you see Giancarlo Caldesi on Celebrity Masterchef last night?
    On the subject of after dinner speakers, my view is – “don’t.” They’re usually sportspeople trying to make a living after sport, and they never, to my mind, justify the large fees they demand.

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