Posted by: lucylastic | August 4, 2009

Good times……….

It’s not often I get to spend time with my children. I guess that at 20 and almost 18, they don’t want to hang around with me much – which is a shame, as when they are on form, they can be very entertaining. Younger son and I share some tastes for reading and comedy and last night we had a great time watching some stuff from the ‘catch up’ channel on cable TV. Michael McIntyre is everywhere at the moment, but watching a re-run of the first of his roadshows – from Edinburgh – had me in stitches – I missed it the first time round and not only was he funny but his guests were top quality too – if you get a chance to see Mark Watson, (available on Youtube apparently) at all, I highly recommend his quirky style. Well worth the time to watch it again. Interesting that both of them found fame at the Edinburgh Festival – I have never been and every year forget all about it until it’s too late, maybe next year.

Moving on from the here and now, we watched a ‘classic’ Victoria Wood in front of a very bouffant 1980’s audience – Wincey Willis anyone? Liza Goddard, a very young looking Julie Walters, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders all featured and Joan Bakewell playing the game with a well timed question about whether it was a disadvantage to have big breasts? ‘Yes, I imagine it is if you’re a heavyweight boxer’, replied Victoria, which seemed very funny at the time. Even though YS had no idea who most of the ‘celebrities’ were/are, (Adam from Crossroads in the front row – or maybe his name was Adam in real life – I can’t remember either), a bespectacled Maureen Lipman, Kevin from Corrie…… the comedy was still entertaining and funny and just proves that humour is timeless when done well.

We followed Victoria with an old (ish) episode of ‘Have I got news for you’, which I freely admit is one of my favourites, I have always wanted to meet Paul Merton and Ian Hislop in person and find out if they really are that witty in real life, or whether it is all terribly rehearsed and forced. I sometimes catch Paul Merton on Radio 4’s ‘Just a minute’, which may also be edited of course, it’s difficult to tell. I love his quick repartee though and am sure it’s natural. The show was guest hosted by Anne Widdicombe – who treated the panellists like naughty schoolchildren – you could see how much it rankled with Ian and Paul – but they were pretty tolerant of her and managed to get some sneaky digs in which were very entertaining. Guests were Jimmy Carr who was on good form – he can be too crude for me at times, and a guitarist from Blur, (or maybe Pulp), never seen him before anyway.

Nothing like a laugh to cheer one up!!!! Lovely husband has gone away with his children this week and I am missing him already 😦



  1. I still haven’t seen Michael McIntyre and like you have always wanted to go tot he Edinburgh festival but never managed it….in fact we were there 3 years ago at the time of the festival but doing something else but it was fantastic seeing all the street performers.

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