Posted by: lucylastic | August 19, 2009

To be or not to be, that is indeed a very thorny question today…….

Decision Making


Do you make good decisions? Do you make decisions at all? I am sure some of you have known occasional times of organisational paralysis and have despaired of anyone ever making a decision again. When I used to work at Intel we had a mandatory class on ‘Decision Making’ and well understood ways of making a decision – I’m not saying we always stuck to it, but I do think it’s good to have a framework that everyone knows and can refer to. In fact, so good was I at making decisions back then, that I was even an approved trainer for the class – and was able to pass on my wisdom to new recruits into the company who were forced to attend a class within, (I think) the first 3 months of working there. Some classes had to be attended within the first week or month – depending on their perceived value to the organisation – it may sound rather boarding school-like, but it mostly worked.

My current working environment is somewhat different and mindful that I want to stay in employment for some little while to come, I ought not to say too much more……………. except that today I made a decision – all alone and it was WRONG, (so I was told afterwards, by my previously unavaialble boss). So, I made enquiries to see if I could over-turn the decision I had made and return to the original position – and there was GOOD NEWS!!! I could, (with some not inconsiderable good will by a 3rd party I would like to add). So, I did. BUT……….. no sooner had I issued the ‘as you were’ instruction. I was told to undo it – putting us back in the position of sticking with my original decision – which, though still WRONG, was being ‘lived with’ by the powers that be. Red face for me as I had to impose even more on the now thinly stretched goodwill of aforementioned 3rd party and a bad feeling ever since as I think my decision probably was wrong, but it was at least a decision at the time – and the best in the circumstances available. Sorry, I know this is convoluted, but I need to get it off my chest!!!!

Now, we’re not talking life and death here, we’re talking about something much more mundane – an advert to be precise. But there are some political ramifications that I believed I was mitigating with my original choice and I still think my decision makes sense. Only problem is we now have at least 3 unhappy people – me, my boss and his boss too. Oh dear 😦


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