Posted by: lucylastic | September 29, 2009

Back from the dark side!

Well reader, I’m back – although not for long, I am busy, I am obviously NOT the only busy person in the world – but right now, those around me to be going at a pace that’s somewhat slower than mine – at least, that’s how I feel at the moment.

So what have I been doing?  Anything exciting?  Well, yes, just back from another quick flit to Italy to see if we can find the property of our dreams in which to start a cookery school.  Sadly, we couldn’t.  A very promising looking place turned out to be surrounded by NOISE – loud noise – although the house was snuggled in a nice little fold at the foothills of the Dolomites, the wall of mountain not far behind it seemed to bounce back every sound that came up the valley – frequent trains sounded as if they were about to pull up beneath the balcony and the traffic sounds from a fairly distant road sounded much closer.  Biggest shame of all is that someone, somewhere had decided that what this medieval town really needed on its doorstep was a series of bright blue industrial buildings – the scar of cleared out land and the buildings themselves clearly visible from the main garden and balconies.  Not what you hope for when paying out for a luxury cookery school, or at least, certainly not what I’d hope for in those circumstances.  So that was a ‘no’. 

The second place was always going to be a bit left-field – a late entrant on the Lucy & Mike visit list, the bar/tabbaco shop/coffee shop/restaurant belonged to the cousin of a friend of a friend whose wife is Italian.  But hey ho, it gave us an entertaining evening and counting the huge, black summer flying beetles, (only a problem for 2 weeks per year apparently) kept us entertained in the middle of nowhere.

We managed a very flying visit to Verona – a city I have been lucky to visit a few times in the past for opera at the wornderful open-air arena, it was as beautiful as I recall, although the presence of quite a few Roman, (or maybe Veronan) soldiers cheekily posing for photos, (only 50 Euros madam), in the Piazza was a touch I could have done without.  Especially as a few of them seemed determined to push into a photo whether they were wanted or not.

Also managed a wonderful day in Venice before our late flight home – fabulous weather and my Lovely Husband’s constant delight with the Palazzo’s and churches and galleries that he was seeing for the first time made it especially enjoyable.  Less so the bill for 2 small beers on St Mark’s Square – I know, I know, we never should have even sat down – but really Euros 28 is outrageous for 2 x 33cl beers – we ate dry bread the rest of the day.

Arrividerci for now everyone!



  1. Pity you didn’t find anywhere this time. The black beetles sound ghastly! And those drinks!!

  2. Tell me about the beers!!! We nearly fainted at the price of a coffee in Paris and could have bought a whole bottle of Baileys for the price we paid for 2 nightcap shots!! Ah but of course we know we pay for the ambiance!!!!

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