Posted by: lucylastic | October 28, 2009

Make me laugh!

I have been a Julian Clary fan for a very long time – his risque style and outrageous campness were real eye-openers when he first leapt onto our TV screens in the 80’s, accompanied by ‘Fanny the Wonder Dog’. Everything was (at least) a double entendre, and the first instalment of his autobiography, ‘A Young Man’s Passage’ was eye streamingly funny. But I had never seen him live until a couple of weeks ago. Julian graced the stage at Swindon’s Wyvern Theatre, (his home town) for 2 nights and was one of the most entertaining ‘acts’ I have come across in a long time. In my advancing age, I am starting to prefer comedians who can be funny without being offensive and swearing with every other word – there are lots who fit into this category – Bill Bailey, Jack Dee, Peter Kaye, Michael McIntyre and further back in time, Frankie Howard, Kenneth Williams. And some who seem to be becoming more cringe-making with every outing – Ricky Gervais leading the pack here, but Ross Noble coming up close behind, (ooh er Missus). Anyway, I digress. Julian was a real hoot. I didn’t stop laughing all night long – he has a rich stream of stories, some great facial expressions and just enough of the old ‘mince’ to remind us that camp never stops being funny. It must be comedy season, because some really interesting comedy names are doing the rounds at the moment, (Christmas DVD anybody)? I was very disappointed to learn that I’d missed Sean Hughes by a couple of days and the aforementioned Ricky Gervais got as close as Oxford – though the couple of people who reported seeing him were disappointed and at times felt very uncomfortable with his content, (I really do sound like the most boring person on earth, sorry).

Anyway, I also saw ‘The Vagina Monologues’, I didn’t really know what to expect, (though they have been doing the rounds for a long time) and my best summary would be ‘interesting’. Corrie’s Sally Lindsay was the best known ‘face’, accompanied by Lisa someone from Emmerdale and another actress from Hollyoaks, which I have never seen. They all did an excellent job – and the material – based on real research with women – is at times both challenging and emotional. There were plenty of laughs, but interspersed with some much deeper stories that really got my mind churning.

I’ve always wanted to see Omid Djalili live, so I am hoping he’ll be around soon!!!

Apologies – but my computer is doing starange things and I can’t attach the photos of Julian that I wanted to – will try and figure it out soon!


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