Posted by: lucylastic | November 16, 2009

They say travel broadens the mind……….

If travel broadens the mind, it also wearies the body!  I hate long-haul flights, I can’t follow the movie, (it’s usually crap anyway), I get fed-up with whatever books I have chosen and sleep is hard to come by.  But mustn’t grumble, at least I have a seat in Business, when LH has to slum it in economy!!  And there’s usually champagne to while away a couple of hours.


Another week and another destination looms, this time it’s Bangkok, ‘City of Pleasure’ – but it’s work for me, so I won’t see much of it. I am taking Lovely Husband along for the ride as he’s never been to Asia and can spend some time mooching while I am learning about ‘Adopting a Unified approach to Railway Communications’ or even better, Planning Competencies for Integrated Urban Transport Planning & Transit Orientated Design’, I shall definitely attend the latter, as I can’t even figure out what it means! If you fancy a week improving your knowledge about rail development in Asia, check it out at At leash LH shouldn’t be bored – there’s lots to see and do in Bangkok by day and by night as some of the photos above show.

On a completely different subject, does anyone else feel guilt about dropping ‘friends’ that aren’t really friends any longer? How often should you see a friend for them to remain a friend? If you haven’t seen them or even spoken to them for over 2 years, are they still a friend? And should you keep sending them Christmas cards? I really don’t know what to do, any ideas? I am thinking of giving up Christmas cards anyway, not because I don’t want to keep in touch with my friends – but because I want to show the numpties who work at the Royal Mail that there are other ways to do things – don’t they realise that their strike is just a boon for the courier companies and that many of us are being creative with how we send gifts, (directly from Amazon or similar for example) instead. The numbers are plain to see – the number of items carried by Royal Mail is down year on year, (and has been for at least 10 years) but the unions are resisting alternative practices, improved efficiencies and shift patterns. Where do they think it will end? Having just seen a fresh round of redundancies at work I know all too well that some people become extremely complacent – followed closely by noisy indignation that anyone has dared to bring their jobs to an end. And the more noise they make, the less work they usually do, (I have always been one for a sweeping generalisation, so please forgive me)!!!

Anyway, I know I won’t be blogging from the mysterious and distant East, not unless our IT links improve beyond all recognition!!! So see you in a couple of weeks time.

Take care and tally ho!




  1. How exciting! Have never been to Asia. Hope you enjoy Planning Competencies for Integrated Urban Transport Planning & Transit Orientated Design.
    I think the Amazon wish list is great. It’s very simple for men to execute on!
    I will still send Christmas cards – as you know I like to make them, and emails will never be the same on the mantelpiece….

  2. You are still my friend. This is why: Because if I never see you again I will always think of you, and, because if I see you tomorrow we will pick it up where we left off

    • Thanks Deb!!! I think of you lots actually – hope life is treating you well? Love Lucy. X

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