Posted by: lucylastic | November 16, 2009

You was mesmerising…….

……..all through the dance. So said new to Strictly’s judging panel, Alesha Dixon, (giving her ((and who really cares)) opinion on Laila and Anton’s dance from Sat 7th November. One thing that I really care about is English grammar and spoken English usage. This trend of allowing children to spell incorrectly and not to bother with the application of grammar when submitting written work at school is ridiculous. And look what it gets us……….a perfectly nice girl, who has managed to wangle her way into a job she isn’t qualified for, (and who continues to brazen out her unpopularity), who can’t speak English properly. And on prime time BBC1. It really shouldn’t be allowed. And now that I’ve got that off my chest, I can bitch about the fact that Laila is still IN the competition after managing only half a dance on Sat after limping on with an injury. This blatant sympathy ploy obviously worked with the public – who fell for it hook, line and sinker – forcing poor old Tuffers into the dance-off against a (quite distractingly) glasses-sporting Ricky, dancing with Erin Boag. I though Tuffers should have had it. Even Len claimed to be distracted by the glasses – I’m glad it wasn’t just me. There was an off the cuff remark made about ‘being able to see now’. Let’s hope that improves the dancing. At this stage, it’s anyone’s game, but I do have a very soft spot for Natalie & Vincent – I have never watched EastEnders, but have seen a few articles about Nat’s struggles with her weight and booze in the gossip mags – right now, she seems happy, bubbly and very much on the up. Go girl!


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