Posted by: lucylastic | December 4, 2009

Bah humbug, I’m annoyed with Christmas already!

It’s not often I run out of something to say, but this week, I find myself at a loss to know what to blog about. I try to be topical, or interesting, (preferably both) but I guess the inspiration has to come to an end sometime. And today’s the day. So, instead, I thought I’d do a list of things I dislike about Christmas – perhaps you have a list like this – or maybe I am just in a ‘bah humbug’ sort of mood.

  1. Greedy children
  2. Stupid shoppers who push and shove and bash into you
  3. Tinny, crappy Christmas songs, (not the good songs, they are OK)
  4. Trying to find a parking space
  5. Being nice to people

OK, OK, I have to stop now, as I am really making myself depressed. Tomorrow marks the start of my Christmas shopping and I have 3 things on my list to buy – I will naturally do as much as humanly possible over the internet, but some things, (the Christmas tree for example) just don’t work so well that way – although I am sure if I searched, I could find a way of ordering one on-line! Sorry, dear reader – did you miss me? Just popped off for a quick Google, and well – what do I know – there they are: But – they charge £20 to deliver it – I think I can manage to struggle to the garden myself after all!!! Not only that, if you live in the London area, it can be delivered fully decorated too – now that’s what I call service!!

Have a nice weekend everyone!!



  1. My two trees will probably go up (early!) this weekend….I’m afraid I have artificial ones, but it’s one less thing to shop for!

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