Posted by: lucylastic | December 15, 2009

The jewel in TV’s crown almost slid by………


My friend, Curious Girl, has said all that needs to be said about Strictly and The Restaurant, so I shan’t repeat it here. I am bored with it. I have taken to watching SCD on ‘catch-up’ and fast-forwarding through Bruce and Tess’s idle chit chat, the ‘let’s see how they did in practice’ and even worse, the ‘let’s watch them making unashamed pleas to camera to be kept in because they have “learnt so much on the journey”‘. Where does this language come from – no one talked about going on a journey until reality TV took hold. I think we need to challenge these individuals to at least look for some ‘voyages of self discovery’ or other developmental language nonsense.

But there IS some good stuff to be had on our TV screens – I was very taken with the BBC’s ‘Small Island’, a great adaptation of an Andrea Levy, (check her out on book that I read a little while ago, (also an Orange Prize for Fiction winner) – powerfully described and dealing with the very touchy subject of racism and what it felt like to be told you were part of the ‘mother country’ and then not welcomed by it. It moved me to tears on a number of occasions and even LH thought it was ‘really good’, I’d watch it again – high praise from a man who normally prefers Heartbeat and Top Gear! If you missed it, it’s on i-Player, do try and catch up on it. I can’t wait for Andrea Levy’s new book, The Long Song, due out next February.

So, to quote John Lennon, ‘this is Christmas, and what have we done…..’ I don’t know about you, but I still haven’t done as much as I should. The internet is a boon, but sooner or later I am going to have to face the shops on my own.

Till 2010. I wish you a Peaceful and Happy Christmas and a Prosperous and exciting New Year!




  1. Thanks for the tip on Small Island, we recorded it but I hadn’t watched it so I will now.
    Happy Christmas to you and LH! x

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