Posted by: lucylastic | January 4, 2010

It’s all over now……….. welcome 2010

Well, here we all are. Back at our desks, wondering if it really can only be 2.30pm, when it feels more like 6.30pm. Why does time at work drag and the time at home with lots of loved ones fly by so fast? I can’t complain, I have had a good break – I finished work on December 18th – that’s actually 16 days ago – I didn’t have that long off for my summer holidays! It feels more like a long weekend.

So, did you enjoy the Christmas telly? Were some things just too unbearable and no longer funny, (Christmas special of the Royle family springs to mind). I have long enjoyed the ‘catch-up’ facility on Virgin cable, but it has come into its own this Christmas, I watched what I wanted, when I wanted and could just scrap anything that didn’t come up to scratch. Loved the Cranford two-parter and the Victoria Wood special, her first in ten years, although some bits were a tad ‘samey’. My only complaint about Virgin is their completely random selection of what they make available for catching up on and what gets left out – so, no Gruffalo for instance, but lots and lots of tacky, awful ‘Come Dine with Me’. Lovely Hugh F-W did another River Cottage party, and I managed to sneak in Kirstie Allsop’s ‘home-made Christmas’ without Lovely Husband knowing – he can’t abide her!!! Also managed a couple of really good films that were much more enjoyable than may have been anticipated – Easy Virtue – based on Noel Coward’s play, beautifully done, lots of stars, very funny and later the same day, (New Year’s day I think), The Painted Veil – a W. Somerset Maugham story about a young couple’s marriage and fighting cholera in 1930’s China – catch it if you can! One I wish I missed was ‘The Good Shepherd’, much trailed and featuring Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon, it may have worked better if Mr Damon didn’t look about 20 years old throughout – which was fine when it started, but by the time he had been married and had a grown up son, you’d have thought they might have done something to age him – good subject matter, (the birth of the CIA and the relationship with Russia during the Cold War), but dull, dull, dull!! If you didn’t see it, don’t bother!

Obviously, it’s good to get out of the house over the festive season and we had a very bracing walk to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and another, even more bracing walk along Wallasey promenade, (up on the Wirral). Both were undertaken in heavy fog and very cold temperatures – which has only served to ‘freshen up’ my cold and cough and exacerbate my asthma! Woe is me.

Happy 2010 everyone………



  1. Didn’t find much that appealed on TV over Christmas. I really enjoyed the Tribute to Diaghilev season on BBC 4 because I love ballet and particularly that period. I did enjoy “The turn of the screw,” a creepy ghost play. Most disappointing was the Royle Family and the Christmas edition of SCD. Happy New Year to you and LH.

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