Posted by: lucylastic | February 4, 2010

Still feeling festive – how weird is that?


I’m not entirely sure what’s brought it on, but I’ve got a renewed bout of feeling Christmassy!  Now, I don’t know about you, but ‘are you feeling Christmassy?’ is one of the constant questions exchanged between friends anytime from November onwards.  It doesn’t usually start in February.  On closer examination, I have concluded that I’m still Christmassy from the last one, not from anticipation of the next!  And it’s mostly Kirstie Allsop’s fault.  One of my greatest pleasures over Christmas was an afternoon at home alone in front of a real fire, LH (unfortunately for him) was tucked up in bed with ‘man flu’, the boys were out with friends and I had a glass of sparkly (or two) to keep my spirits up. 

So, what did I watch?  Thanks to the magic of Vigin Catch-up, I indulged in back to back, all 3 episodes of ‘Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas’.  Bliss!!!!  I really like Kirstie and my little oasis of enjoyment was brought to mind again this morning when someone at work mentioned that they didn’t like her very much.  I felt I had to leap to her defence and voiced my enjoyment of the programmes as a jolly good reason to find her entertaining at the very least.

So, I thought I’d better do a bit of digging and to my great surprise, my colleague seems not to be the only one with some sort of beef about Kirstie.  I DO realise her ‘home-made’ Christmas was expensive, had lots of help and probably wasn’t very practical – especially as it was originally shown with only 2 weeks to go before the big day – and at that stage, blowing your own glass baubles is almost certainly a step too far for most of us………… But I didn’t think that was the point – it was fun, it was colourful, it was inoffensive, it was inspirational and very entertaining.  And isn’t it nice to see people being pleasant to one another?  I hate watching conflict and strife on TV – especially when it masquerades as ‘entertainment’, what on earth is entertaining about watching other people argue and fight?  I never would have thought of covering fresh fruit in gold leaf – it looked very decorative, not to mention being unusual enough to be quite a talking point – doesn’t mean I’ll ever try it; not sure I’ll ever waste time making my own Christmas crackers either – all the stuff ends up on the floor and then in the bin anyway – I always used to buy ‘luxury’ crackers, but they are just not worth it, the daft joke and the hat are the main point anyway and are equally good from a cheap cracker – more to spend on other things then – let’s face it, no one wants a miniature silver photo frame, set of micro screwdrivers or playing cards anyway.  At least, they don’t seem to in our house!

Anyway, if anyone is interested, here are a few links to blogs and forums who all had something to say about the series:

I think that the Christmassy feeling is still with me because I haven’t got to grips with the fact that January has been and gone.  I could quite easily believe that it was 4th January TODAY, not 4th February and that would mean two more days of the Christmas season still to go.  The cold and snow have helped to perpetuate the Christmas feel too!  As I left for work yesterday, snow was once again falling in Swindon and I had high hopes of another ‘snow day’, sadly, it turned to rain and here I am again!

Finally, if you are the sort of person who likes to stay in nice places without feeling ‘watched’ by the staff/oweners, you can even rent Kitstie’s house in Devon, (Meadowgate),  for your holidays – it’s not cheap, but it claims to sleep up to 12 and would seem like a cracking venue for a house party……more details on:

So – that’s it for now from me.  I may contemplate making my own decorations for next Christmas, (which reminds me, I found some ‘old-fashioned’ paper chains in Morrisons of all places last December – I thought they looked great in our hall – all it took was about half an hour of licking the ends – very thirsty work)!!



  1. I enjoyed Kirstie’s programme – the presents looked far too professional for me. But it’s surprising how many people can’t bear her. I think it must be the posh voice!

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