Posted by: lucylastic | February 24, 2010

Masterchef – too much of a good thing?

What with Masterchef Professional, Junior Masterchef, Celebrity Masterchef and now Masterchef Australia, (a step too far I feel for our TV screens) one might be forgiven for being ‘Mastercheffed out’.  But I love it – last week’s elongated episodes were a great idea – as it gets lots of faces and styles of cooking buzzing around in your mind at an early stage, all this half an hour per week can seem to drag on for ever.

I’ve taken an early shine to ‘Unemployed Alex’, who, we were told, had recently been made redundant from a window fitting factory – only 20 and just ever so slightly out of control, he knows how to cook and delivers food of a sophistication way beyond his years – his uber-energy might be an issue – he was so hyper he sliced into his thumb in the quarter finals and wasted about 10 minutes of time – but nevertheless managed to come up with food that made the other contestants look like they were straight from primary school.  Why he didn’t at least slop his virtually unassembled rhubarb crumble into a serving ring I’ll never know…… but Greg and John know a good cook when they see one.  Fingers crossed for him.

Former music industry bender and shaper whose name eludes me currently is also an interesting cook – for John and Greg to put 2 people from the same show through to the semis at this early stage says alot I think.

I know it’s early on, but aren’t we already fed up of scallops, pea puree, (with or without mint), black pudding and pancetta?  And there have been more than a few crumbles and cheescakes for dessert.  Surely some inspiration is called for?  Don’t these contestants look for something that will make them stand out from the crowd a bit more?  I take my hat off to the contestant who tried to produce a Beef Wellington, in a stange kitchen, in 50 minutes – somehow, his beef was overcooked and his pastry was raw – quite an achievement!  But he should have gone through on guts alone I think.  I tried to get on Masterchef once and didn’t even make it to an audition – I was gutted – especially as completing the questionnaire took HOURS – lots of nonsense about my ‘cookery influences’ and an opportunity to critique modern day chefs.  Perhaps they just didn’t like what I said – or perhaps I was just too female – yet again, it’s male dominated, or maybe their quota of 40 something women had been filled, who knows.  One thing I DO know, to be described as ’40 something mum of 2′, (which is what happened to Jennifer last week), would send me running for a frying pan – to hit someone over the head with.  Age is supposed to be irrelevant, (and not used as a discriminator any more), but to be described purely in terms of my reproductive history is a bit rich – what does it matter how many children a person has – you never hear them describing the men as ‘father of 3’ or whatever.  At least, not so far anyway.

Well, enough soapbox for now – it’s on at 8.00pm toinight – BBC1.  I’ll be there.



  1. I’m afraid the first episode, 1.5 hours, saw me off. Too long and I couldn ‘t face much of the same for several weeks. It’s a shame because I always loved Masterchef but now there is too much of a good thing.

    I am enjoying Raymond Blanc — the fish dishes he did this week looked amazing.

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