Posted by: lucylastic | March 12, 2010

A brief visit to the Eternal City

I have been in Rome most of the week – it was wet, cold and windy AND I had to attend a conference, not swan around enjoying it.  That didn’t stop determined colleague P and me from ‘doing’ Rome though – oh no, sir, not one bit of it.  I can ‘do’ a city in half an hour at a push, but we thought we’d maximise the 2 hours of daylight with a quick scout round the main sites – Coliseum, Palatine Gardens, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navonna, (didn’t actually see this, just the signpost to it, but it’s the thought that counts), in a taxi, followed by a stroll round the original Pope’s own Basilica – St Peter’s, heart of the ‘Holy See’ and guarded by the gaily dressed and faintly ridiculous Vatican City guard. 

One has to pass through a scanner and a mean looking policeman to get into St Peter’s – and both P and I made it beep, he with his ‘handy mobil’ as they call it, me with my killer hair clip that they sneered their lips at, but could be more deadly than many a ‘real’ weapon if wielded in anger.  But once inside, it’s very much worth it – Michaelangelo’s Pieta, (now behind glass unfortunately, after a paint thowing incident a few years ago)  and the sheer enormity of the building itself are enough to be awe-inspiring, but the beautiful mosaic floors, antique baroque confessionals, (complete with priests hearing confessions) and soaring pillars on the main altar are of a scale that’s hard to imagine.  Sadly, P and I missed Mass by a few minutes and an audience with the Pope, (by application) by a few hours – he sees ‘individuals’ on Wednesday mornings at 10.30am if you’re interested!

It was light when we went into St Peter’s and just getting dark as we came out – all the lights were going on and Rome loves to light up all it’s ancient sites and artefacts – in fact we ‘did’ the Coliseum twice – driving past at high speed with a manic taxi driver on our way to and from the conference venue……..a real bonus……….

Going to dinner with our management later, we related how we had ‘done’ Rome very comprehensively and they seemed to find it funny that we had spent so little time at each venue – but as I remarked to P, we know what it’s going to be like inside, ‘big building, altar at the end, bits on either side’ and it was, but moreso.

At the cheap(ish) and very cheeful Ceccio’s restaurant I can recommend the home-made crab and prawn tortellini and the Prosecco and the Barolo and the waiters – young and very scrummy indeed.  There are pictures of them as well somewhere, but I’m not sharing them!

Arrividerci Roma!!!



  1. Lucky you having a conference in Rome! I have never been there. Go on, share the scrummy waiters!

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