Posted by: lucylastic | April 16, 2010

Got to keep movin’ on!

I have been chastised by my reader for my recent tardiness in posting – although I maintain the argument that there was no better topic for resting my laurels on than the ‘Eternal City’.  But today, I have managed to move on!

I have excuses though for my ‘busyness’ – I am stressed – as the pictures above clearly show, stress has got much worse since the 1950’s – when it induced mild tension and a slight look of annoyance – to the more recent, hair pulling, mouth screaming woman that I feel very close to.  I haven’t actually screamed out loud yet, but I have come close to hitting people once or twice – an unaccountable violent urge posseses me at times such as these.

So, why so stressed?  I have a new job – hurrah!  BUT – it’s a job I would never have chosen for myself – mainly becuase I have no idea what it entails!!!  So, why am I doing it you may well ask?  Simply because I was asked to.  The job I really wanted didn’t come my way, but I was asked to be a ‘Bid Manager’ and I said yes.  There’s quite a lot to it.  I will keep you posted.

Also, I have been at Infrarail all week – the delights of the ‘on site’ hotels at the NEC that are still a 25 minute walk from the halls are arguable, the decor is most definitely naff and the food in the hotel restaurant very average.  I know I’m tired when I am in bed by 10.30pm!  And I was.

Back soon (ish).  Take care everyone………..


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