Posted by: lucylastic | April 20, 2010

…….in the shadow of the mushroom cloud

Always one to join a ‘conspiracy theory’ bandwagon, I was all for denying the existence of a strange cloud, full of volcanic ash, that was supposedly hovering just out of sight above the azure skies of Swindon at the weekend.  Notwithstanding that my lovely youngest son, E, claimed to be stuck in the Gambia with no hope of return anytime soon.  Another ruse to avoid college thinks I!!

Then, on Sunday morning, strange clumps of ‘stuff’ were clearly visible on my Velux windows, along with a more general layer of what can only be described as ‘thick dust’ the like of which is not often seen in such consistency in Swindon either.

Okay, I believe it now.  But isn’t it just the most bizarre thing you have ever heard?  The notion of a spreading, (not too far) plume of volcanic eruption that has the power to ground planes and send nations into panic is surely something from a sci-fi movie?  If no one has filmed it yet, I am sure they must have started in Hollywood by now.  It would suit the black and white, edge of the seat style film that we haven’t seen in ages.  I can see it now – scientists predicting how the cloud will gradually swallow the whole earth and no one will be able to go anywhere ever again.  Let’s hope the boats they are currently sending, (somewhat haphazardly methinks), manage to pick everyone up before the music finally stops and we all have to find a chair pronto.

I am not a betting woman, but I’d be surprised to find myself on a plane out of Bristol this coming Sunday – heading for ‘best friend’s birthday party’ as we were supposed to be……..the next cloud of ash has already been spewed out and is on it’s way.  I’m not so sure I want to be one of the Guinea Pigs in any case. 

So, for the foreseeable future, I won’t be going anywhere, but please bring my baby back to me safely before the world finally ends.


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