Posted by: lucylastic | April 30, 2010

Oh to be a ‘Hayward’

I am a ‘Hayward’, (it’s not new news, I have been one for almost 4 years), I have been other things in the past, but I rather like being a ‘Hayward’ as I am able to participate vicariously in the rich tapestry that the ‘Hayward’s have woven over the years.  The ‘just rolls off the tongue’ publication that is ‘Limpley Stoke – Its church and its people’, (no punctuation in that title felt necessary obviously) has a whole chapter devoted to ‘the Hayward’s’, who once upon a time owned much land around Lacock in Wiltshire and Limpley Stoke as well.  In fact, my husband has often told the tale of how he recalls, as a child of about 4, being taken to see an imposing house called ‘Aroona’, which his father had inherited but didn’t want!!!!

My recently deceased mother-in-law, (a lady who deserved the title of ‘matriarch’ if ever anyone did) was Kath (full name Mary Maud Kathleen) Hayward – who acquired the name when she married Andre Litchfield Hayward around 1930.  A sorting out of Kath’s home has turned up several photos of ‘Aroona’, plus connections with the John West, (fish) family, as well as with an Earl Hayward who was decorated for ‘immense bravery’ and received the VC and whose medals and sword are on view in Salisbury Museum.

After the emotion and upheaval of the funeral are over, I think a couple of days out to view these pieces of Hayward heritage are in order.  I will post some photos when I can.



  1. Hi,
    Interesting indeed. I am an Australian Hayward. The great grand daughter of Johnson Frederick. I have visited Aroona, when it was a nursing home and it was indeed impressive. I’m off to the original Aroona station in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia next month.

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