Posted by: lucylastic | May 11, 2010

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

Well, here I am again – in Copenhagen, my home from home, sitting on the most uncomfortable office chair in the world.  I shouldn’t complain of course, some people would love to have an office chair – comfy or not.  But it has got me thinking about what makes an ‘office’ in reality.  Is it the building, the copy machines, the faxes still so beloved of some businesses.  Or is the people?  When I am in our UK office – which has about 1100 staff – I often see people I don’t recognise, never mind don’t know very well and they tend to glaze over, heads down and pass on by – what is it with us English?  Here, I know virtually no one – but the Danes have a cheery smile and a ‘hey’ for everyone – it’s very refreshing – not to mention making me feel as if I am truly welcome in a strange place.  Even one of my Danish colleagues that I have met many times before made a point of coming up to me, shaking my hand and saying ‘welcome again to Copenhagen’.  I’ll bet you can’t remember the last time someone did this to you in England – or prove me wrong…………… OK, he wouldn’t have welcomed you to Copenhagen – but you know what I mean!!!!!



  1. A very good thought Lucy and I will start doing this. “Welcome again to Swindon” though it doesn’t quite have the same ring!

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