Posted by: lucylastic | July 12, 2010

Greetings from Madrid!!!

After several months of Copenhagen, I am now spending 3 weeks in Madrid, along with colleagues from around the organisation to try and leverage each other’s knowledge and experience to pull the final part of our bid for the Denmark S bane tender together.  As you might expect, Madrid is HOT, HOT, HOT at this time of year and the city centre is quite oppressive after a day of scorching sunsine.  That doesn’t put the tourists or the locals off though, the place is quiet until around 10.00pm and then starts swarming with sightsee-ers, groups of youths and the only to be expected ‘entertainers’ that seem more prolific than anywhere else I have been.

These people who go to extraordinary lengths to paint their bodies and replicate either well known statues or figures from history, or just something as everyday as a street sweeper, certainly put a lot of effort in.  I hate beggars in big cities, (mostly because I feel I should support them, but know that if you give to one, another ten materialise) – and while this is indeed a form of begging, at least they’re working hard for it.  Standing still for hours on end with your hat on the floor in front of you for donations has got to be pretty soul-destroying.  In Madrid, there are several in all the main streets around the Plaza Mayor, so many that they become common place, which is a big shame, because they start to become invisible.  I have made up my mind to put something in the hat of a different one each day and hope that the others get treated similarly!  Also, if you want a fan, there are sellers every 2 yards, so make sure you bargain hard.  Smugly, I already have a lovely wooden fan tucked into my bag which was a gift at a restaurant up near Alicante.  Makes your arm ache though after 5 minutes!!!!

Hasta luego!



  1. Fabulous, I love Madrid and it must have been great to see all the celebrating fans.

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