Posted by: lucylastic | July 19, 2010

Just gotta get right out of here!!!

We’ve already had a holiday, (albeit shared with others in a group excursion to the lovely Iona Abbey), and we weren’t planning on another, but, even if I say it myself, I need a real break – only a week, can’t be doing with two weeks, it’s too long………… Google there I went and look what I found………………

Now, I have to admit, I fancied Greece initially – haven’t been anywhere near Greece since the mid-80’s, and always loved it, but the wonderful pictures above are actually Turkey……………..I am bewitched and beguiled by the blue sea, the infinity pools and fact that they are described as ‘exclusive’ and ‘luxury’.  This, of course, means expensive – but I’m not really known for my thrift and I don’t have time to spend days and days researching options……………… I did suggest to LH that we ‘did camping’, just to be mindful of the budget – knowing full well that he wouldn’t go a bundle on that…………, it’s off to Kalkan in Turkey we go at the very end of August…………… Can’t wait.

Apart from a couple of business trips a long time ago to Istanbul, it’s a country I am unfamiliar with – any tips anybody??



  1. Ooh Kalkan! I was looking at a holiday there -very nice. Have only been to Turkey once, Oludeniz, beautiful place but too many Brits. The gold was top notch if you’re into jewellery.
    Have a great time!

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