Posted by: lucylastic | July 31, 2010

Very hacked off!

Unfortunately, I seem to have been hacked……..for the last couple of weekends, my Yahoo Mail account has decided to send messages to my whole contact address book offering a web site link for the purchase of medical supplies that allegedly reach the parts that some others don’t reach!  Most people seem to realise it’s SPAM, but a few people have sent me huffy notes asking me NOT to forward such mail, as they find the contents offensive………… but really, what’s a girl to do?

I use my computer a LOT – in fact, rarely an hour between 8.00am and 8.00pm goes by that I am not on it, it’s got all the latest virus scanners and firewalls, but still, something has got in.  One of my friends tells me that my online banking transactions have probably been copied – just what I need – but nothing suspicious has appeared as yet.  To be fair, Yahoo are usually pretty good at spotting and stopping incoming Spam – but I know there is one particular email address that seems to be the sender of the virus in the first place.  I have reported it, I have purchased some super up to date ‘cleanser and doctor’ which turned up 79 different viruses on my machine – I suppose they wanted me to think I’d got my money’s worth – but I can’t tell if it’s ‘cured’ or not. 

So, if you get a dodgy looking email from me – which means ANYTHING without a subject in the title line, please delete it immediately and let me know – it’s not really me!  I am positively anal about how I write email and text – full words only usually and I would never dream of sending something with no title.  You have been warned………..

And if you do have any tips on how to deal with it, I’d really like to know.

Love from Copenhagen where winter is already on the way it seems – summer is over, the temperature has plummeted and the storms are overhead.



  1. Poor you!
    My Twitter account was hacked once but I find that creating a very solid password, with numbers, letters and symbols, is the best defence. So if you can get into the offending email account I would recommend changing the password.

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