Posted by: lucylastic | September 21, 2010

Cobwebs in Royal Albert Hall shock!!!

Whenever I have a few people coming round, one of the first things I do is whip round with my feather duster, tidy up generally and put the vacuum cleaner round – then I ply them drink in the hope that they won’t notice any imperfections!  Not so at the Royal Albert Hall it seems – I was shocked and dismayed to see THICK COBWEBS hanging off the top of the supporting pillars when the wonderful ‘Last Night of the Proms’ was televised recently.  Don’t they have cleaners there?  No eager beavers willing to shin up to dizzying heights so the camera angle isn’t obscured by cobwebs several inches thick?  What is the world coming to?

This cleaning faux pas has only added fuel to my already injured fire!  As well the fact that it interfered greatly with my viewing enjoyment of the concert, it leads  me to ponder other complaints and provides as good an excuse as any for why I shan’t be watching in future years.  For a ‘live’ performance, I thought the ‘Last Night’ was lacklustre and plodding.  Semingly, the BBC thought so too, as instead of just staying with the tramsmission, they kept cutting to various ‘Proms in the Park’, where most people seemed to be having a better time, from Hyde Park to Dublin, from County Durham to somewhere else, (not memorable, sorry), the punters in the park seemed to be getting the better acts and the better entertainment.  Even 3 rounds of Land of Hope and Glory didn’t really make up for it.  Too many ‘promenaders’ obviously there far more to be seen than to enjoy the music, and the ridiculously out of time bobbing up and down that was supposed to mark them out as seasoned attendees all failed to inspire.  I enjoyed Robbie Williams on the Concert for Heroes far more last weekend!!!  OK, moan over!



  1. Next time there’s a broadcast featuring the RA Hall I will be scrutinising for cobwebs! In fact it could become quite a hobby — we’re going to Buckingham Palace in Oct, will let you know if there are any there!!

    • Thanks Gail! Since that evening, I spotted some at the airport too! I am jkust worried how many I have missed at home! Lucy

      On Wed, 22 Sep 2010 20:55 BST

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