Posted by: lucylastic | October 19, 2010

If it’s Strictly, it must soon be Christmas….

I have to admit, I can’t resist Strictly Come Dancing.  Doesn’t matter how irritating Bruce is, or that his jokes are worse than ever.  Tess is vacuous in the extreme, (though Craig applied the adjective to poor old Gavin last week), Claudia is hyper on a Sunday and poor old Anton really deserves a chance to dance properly doesn’t he?  I like Ann Widdecombe – she’s outspoken and opinionated and very prepared to head any criticism off at the pass by getting her own comments in first, but why haven’t the wardrobe people persuaded her to get properly ‘upholstered’, I am certain a session at Rigby & Peller would do her no end of good!  Patsy obviously benefitted from a decent pair of ‘magic pants’ this week, and Felicity Kendal has a fabulous figure and great legs – even if she does wear that slightly surprised look of the over-stretched most of the time.  I wasn’t sad to see Goldie go last week, if the newspaper stories about him and his family are even half true then the BBC shouldn’t be using MY licence money to line his pockets.  Ditto Paul Daniels.  His dance was ridiculous.  Poor old Debbie McGee – having lived through one of the best interview questions ever put to an interviewee, (‘what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels’ – asked of Debbie by the wonderful Mrs Merton many years ago) – at least she doesn’t have to sit there any longer while he makes cringingly bad ‘come-ons’ to Ola Jordan.  Yuk. 

I am not at all keen on this year’s format change that leaves the public solely in charge of determining the farewell each week.  Yes it’s entertainment, but it is also about skill – I think the judges would probably have said ‘hasta la vista’ to Paul anyway – as Michelle Williams has a couple of redeeming qualities – but Brendan Cole is unusually quiet in the face of any criticism this series so far – he looks very unhappy too – methinks he and Michelle are not getting on that well – mostly becuase she hasn’t lived up to quality expectations – yes she’s thin, (too thin actually, in some shots her head seems way too big for her body), yes she has long legs, but she doesn’t seem to have much knack for ‘proper’ dancing.

My favourites are Matt and Pamela – as they both come across as pretty down to earth.  Let’s hope they are not peaking too soon!!



  1. It’s a must in the Blunt household, too, Lucy. Can’t abide the X-Factor farce, but there’s something quite smooth and heartwarming about SCD. I can’t resist the odd sashay around the lounge myself, once the voting’s done with.

  2. I love Pamela and Peter Shilton is growing on me.
    Some of the changes this year are grating a little. I don’t like the freestyle intros. It seems like they do less “classic” dancing than ever. And the Sunday show seems strange – less about the night before than the pro dance and a convoluted way of announcing the results.
    But still unmissable!

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