Posted by: lucylastic | October 26, 2010

Masterchef the professionals – shaping up nicely!

There seems to be a dearth of contestant pics from this year’s MC The Professionals – or at least, my search engine couldn’t find them!  I was thrilled to see very nervous David, Liverpool Lass and Young Girl, (sorry, not good on names) all make it through the first bit of the semi’s last night.  Cooking their ‘own’ food ought to be easy, but clearly it isn’t – undercooked lamb, overcooked lamb, beautifully cooked lamb – it was all there.  Last year’s scallop is obviously this year’s lamb!  (Though there was a lone scallop appearance from older chef last night).  I love the way most of the contestants seem more scared of Monica than they do of Michel – and I also loved it at the end where Michel said to her, ‘smile’!  To which her reply was ‘this is a smile’.  They obviously have great rapport and trust one another’s judgement.

As something of a cookery fan myself, I am still recovering from, (and still eating) the output of an ‘Italian Cookery’ day which I hosted Chez Nous last Saturday for 6 people.  Lovely Husband’s ‘chicken de-boning master class’ failed to materialise as he disappeared for a ‘little sit-down’ and fell asleep for two hours, (well, he had put in 7 hours at work before we started).  We struggled on alone, and although the results were tasty, they were not beautiful.  For some reason, I failed to take any pics, so have nothing to show you pictorially, but the menu consisted of home made bread stuffed with ricotta and cheese and another batch with roasted vegetables, (very tasty indeed); bresaola, rocket and lemon anti-pasti; leek, onion and olive tart; hand-made ravioli stuffed with amaretti squash or sausage ragu; roast chicken with vegetables; pear flan and baked figs with a lovely Marsala and orange syrup.  Finally, hand crafted cantuccini to accompany the Vin Santo and Coffee – lovely.



  1. Yum sounds amazing!

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