Posted by: lucylastic | November 23, 2010

What exactly are we giving thanks for?

Along with my lovely American friend, our ‘Jam Tarts’ group are getting together to celebrate Thanksgiving this coming Friday, (I know it’s on Thursday, but that’s not a good day when you still have to work on a Friday)!  But I pondered the exact nature of things to give thanks for as I looked around my work place and saw the glum faces there.

Of course, there are many people worse off than we are, (or than I am, to make it personal).  What of the miners trapped, (or worse) in New Zealand?  Those that wait anxiously on news of them?  Our troops who serve in Afghanistan? The lonely, the depressed, the beaten, the tortured.  Those who starve even as we sit down to enjoy pumpkin pie and sweet potato mash?

In many ways, it doesn’t bear thinking about, it’s uncomfortable to dwell on the misfortunes of others, more uncomfortable still to actually do anything about it.  And far easier to sit around the table and glibly thank God, (or whoever else may be listening) for our friends and family.  I don’t want to ignore the bad stuff, but sometimes it’s hard to find room for it – especially if one’s own circumstances are challenging in some way.

So, I have vowed to myself that I shall be TRULY thankful on Friday – that I’ll let my friends know how much their continued presence in my life means to me and I will also reflect on how things may have been otherwise.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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