Posted by: lucylastic | December 1, 2010

Wikileak? Good thing or bad thing?

This week the news has been full of Wikileak, and the fact that our national safety may be compromised by the things that are posted on it.  In the US, they have made such threatening revelations as ‘Prince Andrew made derogatory remarks…….’, the Chinese have said they’ll work with a Korea united under a South Korean leader.  Is this really earth shattering news?

And if it IS world peace threatening, why do the BBC, CNN et al feel the need to broadcast it further?  I have long believed that house prices and other aspects of the economy have been ‘talked down’ by the media – who’s really behind all this information?

Conspiracy theories abound and one only has to read a modern spy novel to know that walls have ears all over the world – I am not convinced that anything that makes it way onto Wikileak hasn’t already been mulled over, digested and spat out by ‘the enemy’ if it’s at all worth knowing.

I would much rather the ‘news’ focused on matters at home, issues that we really care about rather than these ‘end of days’ scenarios.  There’s been a lot about the bad behaviour of protesting students – but as a parent with a son hoping to go to Uni next autumn, the reality of how he and we will make ends meet over fees, accommodation, books and other resources is much more an issue than something Prince Andrew may have said 2 years ago.  And the fact that this Government, (or a part of it, at least), is happy to trample all over its election promises.

I really couldn’t care less about Wikileak – and heartily wish that it was treated with the disdain it deserves.



  1. The majority of what was leaked seemed so childish that it makes me despair of our global leaders. I can’t see that any of the leaks will destabilise Middle-East politics: from what I can see, it’s all finger pointing and male bravado. So I agree with you Lucy, couldn’t care less.

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