Posted by: lucylastic | December 7, 2010

See that? I did that I did!!

Well, at last the voting public have come to their senses and Ann and Anton have departed from Strictly.  I do realise that quite a few people voted, but as this was the first time I felt moved to pick up the phone and part with my money, I feel sure mine must have been the deciding votes.  And yes, votes, they were.  Plural.  I felt I really ought to vote for Matt, because he’s better than Scott and seems to be getting a hard time from the judges.  Good to see Scott taken down a peg or two and actually end up in the bottom two.  I also voted for Pamela, she dances beautifully, though James’s smugness is grating at times.

And what of the ‘love birds’?  Kara and Artem.  Are they really ‘an item’, Artem seemed to suggest that they WOULD be an item once it was all over.  But who knows?  The Ali/Brian pairing always seemed a bit contrived and now we learn that Flavia has dumped Matt di Angelo, (picked up a couple of years ago on the show after she unceremoniously dropped long term bed and dance partner Vincent Simone), in favour of Jimi Mistry.  Who he?

I can well imagine that all the close embracing and sheer sensuality of many of the Latin dances are conducive to a quick snog, but really, isn’t it all too much?  The show’s producers are always looking for ruses to increase viewers and all these romances seem to come just when the content is flagging or less than perfect dancers are hogging the headlines.

So, will I be giving it up?  Not on your nelly.  It’s the best thing on TV all year – though I may think about writing a letter if they don’t give the judges some power back next year.  I can hardly wait.  And this weekend is a positive dance fest – with shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!!!!!  It may just be too much for me.

PS: Thanks to my friend Curious Girl, I have been reassured that Darren Bennett and Lilia Kopylova are still happily married – Lilia’s non participation in this year’s series is because she’s in the Turkish show!  Darren plods on every week as one of the ‘show dancers’.  Bless.


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