Posted by: lucylastic | December 13, 2010

That’s about it for this year folks……..

Now, I know December isn’t even half over yet, but the Christmas bug has hit me and I just know that I am such a busy little bee from now till January that I don’t possibly have time to post again, not really.  Well, maybe, but no promises!

Above, some idyllic images of what it should be like to buy your Christmas Tree – see me and Mike looking middle class and happy?  Well, almost.  At least it’s painless at the garden centre, nice men carry the tree, push it through the net machine thingy and load it onto a trolley for you – our nice man even offered to push it to the till – Lovely Husband declined, his manhood clearly wounded.  To show just how tough he really is, LH then hauled it over his shoulder by the front door, (tree, not trolley) and walked with it to the van.  Oh yes, van – don’t try and cram an 8ft tree into a car, it doesn’t work, I know, I tried that last year.

So, home it went and lovely it looks – decorated with white lights and my traditional German decorations – all hand-made, tastefully embroidered and padded, some with glass and all sorts of other stuff, very chi-chi.  No sentimental child-hood, sticky glue pen stuff for me.  Oh no, I want the ‘Perfect Christmas’.  In fact, I want the perfect Christmas so much, that last week I sat and gritted my teeth through all 4 utterly cringe-making ‘Kirstie & Phil’s Perfect Christmas’ programmes on Channel 4.  If you missed it, it was repeated all night on Saturday, (or Sunday, they are such a blur) and I am sure it’s available on catch-up TV or similar – but really, unless you feel like inflicting pain on yourself, don’t bother.  I shan’t slag it off any more here – it’s been universally panned pretty much everywhere else, but it was too much even for me.  A bit of half-hearted messing around with a ham that miraculously turned into a full-blown turkey feast for about 20 people took the biscuit.

Now, I know what setting yourself a challenge is – and I fear I may have exerted myself a tad too far this week.  A sit-down, full turkey dinner for 2o people – in my own home – my dining room sits 10 comfortably, but 20?  Sitting down?  Thanks to LH, I now have a garden table cleaned up and covered with a large slab of chipboard.  Just need to screw that down later today, (him, not me, I can’t use a drill), cover it in some paper and start laying up – I have decided that if I strat prepping tonight, I may just get it all served by 8pm on Wednesday!  Fingers crossed – and any help warmly appreciated 😉  Sprous on first obviously, to make sure they are good and mushy by then, over-cooked turkey, little sausages wrapped in bacon, (far too fiddly to do yourself – although I am sure Kirstie would – so buy them or employ children), can I get away with only doing roasties?  Questions, lists and thoughts are a-buzz in my mind.  And lest you wonder what I am doing all day, the answer is, still working!!!!  Hmm……….

I wish a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas to you all!!!


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