Posted by: lucylastic | January 4, 2011

Back to work again………………

I can’t quite believe it’s been 18 whole days since I last set foot in the office in a grey and gloomy Chippenham.  In fact, either I have very quickly adjusted to later waking hours, or it was unseasonably dark this morning at 7.30am when I dragged myself unenthusiastically out of bed for the ‘return to work’.  I heard mention of a ‘partial eclipse’ this morning – best viewed from the south coast – or Sunderland – according to Radio 2 – which seem quite a way from one another to my limited geographical grasp…………some quick t’internet searching reveals some fine photos from around the country – and Europe – but sadly, Wiltshire where I live and neighbouring Berkshire, were too foggy to see much at all.

I had hoped that yesterday afternoon’s flurry of snow would turn into a deluge that would snow us in for a few days, but the day (sort of) dawned without any major impediments to travel or safety, so off to work I went.

I suppose it isn’t too bad now that I’m actually getting back into it, but the expectant atmosphere seen  just before we all ‘broke up’ in December has been replaced with a higher than usual degree of apathy and dejection.  I blame the unrelenting greyness of the last few weeks – I think we are all ‘brought down’ by it.

Roll on some sunshine – even if it is cold and frosty underfoot.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!



  1. January is a terrible month! Roll on spring. The bulbs are already peeping through the soil.

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