Posted by: lucylastic | February 15, 2011

Are you a mayonnaise snob?

With Masterchef back on our screens from tomorrow evening, (and yet another year when I didn’t get invited to try out, never mind get past the first round), I was interested to hear a spirited radio debate about how supermarkets can tell ‘what sort of person you are’ by whether you buy salad cream or mayonnaise.  I have blogged before about how using supermarket loyalty cards allows companies to target you (usually better) with offers and discounts.  And on-line shopping is even quicker at suggesting items and reminding us that we may be ‘about to run out of……..’ something or other.  But surely, there must be people who buy both – what sort of people are they, (or am I, as I fall into this category).

I will happily admit that along with Rick Stein, Nigel Slater and Nigella, I LIKE salad cream.  I find mayonnaise a bit fatty actually.  I try and avoid sandwiches with ‘mayo’ in them, (horrible Americanism, why can’t we be bothered to write it in full if we can be bothered to eat it)?  And to my mind, soft, fresh white bread with a reasonable spread of salad cream, lettuce and cucumber is a delight – nothing more required, no fatty butter or mayonnaise, no meat or fish – and prawns in a sandwich, with mayonnaise?  I don’t think so.

I am sure there won’t be much salad cream on the forthcoming series of Masterchef – apparently, there were over 20,000 applications for just 20 places.  20 places doesn’t seem many – is that down on previous years.  Maybe it was the lack of ‘jouneying’ in my application, or that fact that I cited such a variety of ‘cooking influences in my life’  – was it indiscriminate of me to mention my grandmother AND mother, as well as Elizabeth David, Rick Stein and Escoffier – or did they think me pretentious.  We shall never know.  I do know that women have been woefully under represented in recent years – what better way to impact the industry than to ensure that women at least get a fair outing on competitions like these.  I really don’t think men are better cooks, (if they were, it wouldn’t be logical that so many of the ‘ordinary men’ left behind in the world of non cheffery would be such bad, lazy or couldn’t-care-less cooks).

Nevertheless, I shall be watching and will no doubt get well and truly sucked in.  At least I won’t feel guilty spending time in front of the TV when the weather has been as gloomy and dismal as it has lately.  Another wave of heavy rain and wind are lashing the countryside as I type – not really ‘going out’ weather at all.  Toodlepip.



  1. Keep trying Lucy, it would be fab to see you on Masterchef!
    Not sure if I like this new format BTW.
    I’m with you on salad cream. Yummy. Happy memories from childhood. I never buy “mayo”. Nasty bland stuff that moves in a suspicious viscous way. There’s less food snobbery around things like that thanks to people like Nigella and Maco Pierre White admitting they like salad cream, Knorr stock cubes, tomato ketchup, etc. But Masterchef still makes me laugh with all the “timbales,” “coulis” and other old nonsense!

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